last night i dreamed i was on the nile...

{Egyptian Shumba -- The Tammys}

"I'm gonna make that dream come real,
I'm gonna dance the way I feel!"


After being immersed in the land of date shakes, camel rides, and Queen Scheherazade pageants, it's  no wonder my latest  aesthetic fixation is on that mid-century fantasy of the Middle East. I love that fervently imagined oasis of kitsch... wouldn't it be nice if such a paradise actually existed!
{Cleo Cleopatra -- Kari Lynn}

Sahara Motel Great Falls Montana

(Oooh, this dress-- be still my heart!)
1940's women drinking espresso from 
demitasse cups? 
Butlins Filey - Oasis Bar (postcard, late 1960s) 

Dunes Hotel & Casino, 
 Cleopatra's Nights (1950)

{Egyptian Thing -- The Syndicate}

Sahara Motel, Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA

1965 ... genie goes on bender!

 Bagdad Inn Las Vegas NV

1963 ... Elizabeth Taylor is 

Dunes Hotel & Casino 1977

The Camel Who Took a Walk

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  1. So many great inspirations here! Especially during this dreary winter. As a child, I Dream of Jeannie was one my favorite shows, and I actually dressed up as Jeannie one Halloween! Haha, I'll have to rustle that photo up...

  2. I love Egyptian styles anything really. My first tattoo was my first initial in hieroglyphics. That dress is just marvelous. I'm thinking of collecting old postcards now.

  3. Hey, I actually just did a post on western styles in Egypt during the 1920s-40s, you might want to check it out! I'll also be writing about the traditional clothing from Egypt soon, too!


  4. Cool post, Dakota. I have a 60s sundress with an Egyptian themed print on it that I've had forever. I love it! Those Sahara motels remind me of the ones that used to cluster around Disneyland when I was growing up. Love the Egyptian Shumba too!

    1. The Sahara motel is still standing in Buena Park right by Knott's Berry Farm!! I dig all this egyptian stuff!! Have you been to Riverside County Fairgrounds out off highway 111 in Indio?

      I don't know blog etiquette...is this too late to join in the conversation?! haha

  5. Love the title of this post (and the subject matter in it, too, of course). It instantly makes me think of the classic Maidenform bra ads that began with the line "I dreamed I ---".

    I could sure use a dose of scorching Egyptian sunshine right about now. Winter is marvelous in many ways, but my sundresses and I are really starting to itch for summer's return - or to jet off someplace warm and exotic like Egypt. Either would suit me just fine! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Haha, it made me think of the Maiden Form ads too!! It's also the opening lines to the Best Song Ever, the Egyptian Shumba! (Posted at the top, and a proven remedy for winter blues.)

  6. Aah I have a fascination with all that is Egyptian. I weep at the thought of a Victorian Egyptian souvenir skirt that I missed out on eBay it was black lace with pyramids and camels sob sob xxx


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