the higher the hair

 Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post! I really enjoyed hearing everyone's very thoughtful opinions (if you have not yet read that post, I really encourage you to, not for my paranoid ramblings but for the well-written and diverse comments left by my fellow vintage lovers). After some waffling I turned the comments off, just because sharing my thoughts on the internet is pretty scary and I was feeling really nervous about it. However, if you have any thoughts you'd like share or names you'd like to call me, you can email me :) 

Also, I see that I have now hit the 600 follower mark!
(I did have a couple over that even, but I think my last post ran 'em off, haha.)
What a lovely Anna Howard Shaw Day present; thanks readers!!!

Lately I have been very smitten with teased-up tresses. Nothing particularly new there, of course, although I'm starting to get all methodical with it. Instead of just beating my hair up with backcombing and AquaNet, I'm doing all that plus adding dry shampoo and rats to the mix. Yes, I have a dream when I close my eyes... I wish my hair was ten feet high!

The Heroines:

1. Nancy Sinatra
Nancy Sinatra Entertaining the Troops

 1966 ... got boots?

(I was really devastated when I learned, like last summer, that she and Lee Hazlewood were not an item. Still think they're even cuter than Johhny and June, in their own way ;)
Movin' With Nancy

2. Ronnie, Estelle, and Nedra

Ronettes 1962 Estelle Bennet, left 

Ronettes:  Walking in the Rain (1964) Philles Records

3. Jeannie C. Riley, the go-go cowgirl!

1960s JEANNIE C. RILEY Things Go Better With Love LP record album vintage vinyl C


{ And yes, I am aware that most of these dollybirds had some serious help in the wig department, but a girl can dream!! }

♡ Here's a quick flashback from the long locked years, just to inspire myself!! I never want my hair that long again, but I am going to let it grow a while yet; truly, length is the real secret to getting sky-high volume. (Ooh, I'm trying to talk myself out of extensions, 'cause I know they're pricey...) ♡ 


red house 4Photobucket

And my favorite song pertaining to high hair:

OK then. Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day to us all! ;)


  1. This is the beauty of vintage...you can sway between the collegiate 1940s looks and the go-go 1960s, depending on your evolving interests and attitudes. Goodness knows, I've been there! I think folks who have the courage, and maybe more importantly the mindfulness, to redefine themselves are to be commended. Hats off to you!!

  2. Dear Dakota, thank you very much for sharing the engaging perspective that you did in your last post. I got to it too late to comment, but just wanted to say that I really admired you for putting forth everything that you did. There are good and bad sides to every era, and I personally prefer to let the positive ones overshadow the negative and further bolster my passion for the past. I hope that the same outlook will be able to ring true for you as well, sweet (and very insightful!) gal.

    This post is oodles of fun! I've always loved long hair, too. I think that if I could have anyone's hair on the planet, it would be (actress, not wife of King Henry VIII) Jane Seymour's (circa her Dr. Quin Medicine woman years). The length, thickness and warm golden hue are breath-taking!

    Wishing you a joyful Valentine's Day,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I love old school country singer hair and clothes. I'm glad that you were able to share your thoughts with us. I'm sure a lot of vintage guys and gals have feelings like this. It's reassuring to know that there are people you can share your thoughts and opinions with.

  4. That photo of Dolly is insanely good! I recently got to visit Tammy Wynette's teased wigs and my heart couldn't have been happier. I hate that I'm late to your previous post and that comments are closed - but it was quite the read to go through them. As a woman who used to dress completely vintage and then morphed into vintage dresses with Converse and that sort of thing....and now to a fully plus sized lady who can rarely find vintage, I'm going to be one of the people who says to follow your heart and wear only what makes you happy. People judge us for so many reasons - many of which we'll never even be aware of. I think it's good that you're thinking through what you're wearing and how you feel about these items though as those who follow every trend blindly are the ones who truly worry me! : ) As a Caucasian who grew up in South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee, I admit that I wonder what people think of me in general in lieu of the transgressions of our area's past. Often when I tell people that I'm from the South, people launch into their views on the South based solely on those transgressions and never truly give our region or me a chance. Yep, there is a LOT to think about.

  5. Oh, girl, I understand the big hair envy. I've got it bad, too.

  6. Hahaha, I love it! "The higher the hair, the closer to God!"

  7. The B-52'S are just wonderful and I love that pic of Dolly with her own not so little wig salon there.
    I didn't get a chance to comment on your last blog Dakota but I thought you put your point across very well and I can imagine how scary it was for you to put your feelings out there. I think you came across as a very thoughtful intelligent young woman. It never occurred to me to think you had a conservative outlook because of the way you dress. In my experience, people who dress differently from conventional styles often do so because they have a more creative free spirited attitude to life, so that is more what your style says to me.
    Also I think just because your blog has a rather beautiful, dreamy feeling to it, you were judged a little as that being what your life is like, but I see that dreamy quality more as something you have created through the style of your photographs, not as a reflection of what your life is like. I'm rambling a bit now so I hope that last bit makes sense! xx

    1. Thank you, Skybaby! I eventually chickened out and deleted it, 'cause I just felt too squeamish putting my personal voice out there. I've seen other vintage bloggers criticized for showing only a romanticized, dreamy view of their lives, and I guess it does apply to me too. But this is a vintage fashion blog, not a political commentary blog; I generally try not to talk about my personal life and struggles as they're entirely irrelevant to this niche I've carved out, nor would I want strangers on the internet knowing too much about me. Anyway, thanks for this thoughtful comment :)

  8. Ahh I am totally loving big hair past year, I normally stuck to 40s style but I love a messy brigitte bardot style beehive. You have the most beautiful hair you do not need extensions! xxx


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