born on a train

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Some strange old pictures I just scanned, taken by me when I was 19.

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this train is my home by angel olsen



thinking about home


Memories from this past autumn in my wildwood world. 
{All photos taken by me ... please don't use without my permission.}

"When a flower grows wild, it can always survive;
Wildflowers don't care where they grow."


We Are What We Are (2013)

We Are What We Are... this was one of the most beautifully shot films I've ever seen. The storyline is like We Have Always Lived in the Castle meets Ric Burns' the Donner Party, equal parts gruesome and gorgeous. And the cinematography is just stunning: it perfectly captures the sublime verdant beauty of late Spring, and the Gothic qualities of of rural America. While it takes place in Upstate New York, it reminded me so very much of Vermont, too, with the otherworldly quality of the green landscape when it's cloaked in rain, and the way the golden hour 1970s trailerpark/ramshackle Victorian buildings are smeared thinly over the weird ancient Colonial world. There are lots of gorgeous shots framed by windows, windshields, and branches, giving viewers a veiled, voyeuristic look into the sisters' insular world. Finally, the soundtrack is magical, featuring old-time country and blues.

 Here's a deluge of screenshots I took; you can watch the film on Netflix instant. 


Happy Birthday, H.P.

In honor of H.P. Lovecraft's 124th birthday, here is a little glimpse at "the Poet's House", a secluded 1780s farmstead which he was fond of visiting. Having been raised in these same archaic hills and experiencing the same supernaturally devastating type of flooding which inspired his "The Whisperer in the Darkness", Lovecraft's eerie vision of Old New England resonates strongly with me.