flappers with banjos

 Could there be anything more delightful?

Some more old-timey gals strumming away:
Grandmother, age 16 (detail)


Strumming on the Old Banjo

girl and banjolele, 1920s

Sara Carter
^That's a young Sara Carter! 


Snapshot: Backyard Woman With Umbrella And Banjo

Hee Haw!

Women with banjos

Here's the whole adorable 9-minute clip of the Ingenues' performance, including the little ditty above. They play a whole medley of '20s popular songs with just about every instrument imaginable. I want to be in their band, haha!

{ All pictures from Flickr; click through for source! }


  1. This is sooo charming! I want to add a banjo to my already large collection of instruments that I will never learn to play :p
    -Heather Jean

  2. Wow! i really love this! i have played the banjo almost all my life and i love it! I love the old picture of the carters too. You should look up the song Carters Blues its really cute. I also just adore the video! thank you so much

  3. Cool! I've just bought an old banjo-mandolin like the one girl no. 4 is sitting with (needs repair done) and I'm learning to play the ukulele (via youtube) - would really like to get my hands on an old banjo-ukulele and learn how to play it George Formby style.

  4. HAH! There could not be! :) I have recently made a folder full of images like this, I started to play the ukulele a few months ago! :) I love it!! You have the best tastes girly! Or am I just bias?! teehee! :) Hope you are having a delightful week! Zoë xxx

  5. Do you play the banjo? I would love to learn how. I used to play the violin. I'm glad you feel the same way about FB! lol.

    I think you asked a wile back about how I get my hair to be shiny. Well, all I do is use Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. And I get it trimmed every 2 months or so. I don't know if that has anything to do with it :)

    Mabel Time

  6. Oh please tell me they pick up the accordions for the next number!

  7. Heather Jean, I wanna banjo too, haha! The ratio of instruments I want to play vs. the ones I actually can play is pretty pathetic though; I'm also dreaming of an autoharp and a harmonica...

    Beth, Anne, and Zoe, so neat that you play various old-timey instruments!! The uke is also so adorable, worthy of a whole 'nother post!!

    Mabel, I don't play, but one of these days...!! And yes, your hair is so magically shiny, I'm envious!

    Rebeccak, you must watch the whole clip at the bottom.... they do indeed play the accordions, which each have their names in sparkly lettering!!! It's awesome.

  8. You gotta respect I gal with a banjo and an accordion!!! Great clips and photos thank for posting!!!

  9. Such a cheerfully fun, upbeat post - just the (concert) ticket upon which to kick off April on a fabulous vintage (music) note! :)

    Wishing you a gorgeous month,

  10. Ah, how wonderful! I do love banjoes. And I love all these photos - think there MAY be a banjolele in there as possibly some mandolin-banjoes, too! Lovely.
    -Andi x

  11. SO GOOD! My Brother plays the Banjo in his band, i'm going to go post this to him on Facebook right now, he will love it. :) I love the lady with the giant hat and of course the lady on the moon. Such lovely pictures, thanks for sharing Dakota. x

  12. these are so great!!!!! i want to learn banjo, but it looks so hard and the most I can play is a ukulele.


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