fall finds

It feels strange to be talking of something so shallow after yesterday, but we must move on and forward, so I'm going to go ahead and share this scheduled post with you. Thank you for your kind comments; they are much appreciated. 

 I've found myself some neat stuff to ward of the end-of-summer blues...

This is a WWII-era U.S. Army sack (dated 1941); they sure were built tough, as this one is in such nice condition. I found a nickel from 1961 and a fishhook inside, so I guess it had a second life carrying someone's tackle around; always fun to have a little backstory! I'm going to use it to carry my books around at school.

"1941", see? That was a neat find, and just $5.00!

My Fall shoes! Inspired by all those '30s and '40s college girl pictures, I fell in love with these Bass saddle shoes. Don't ya love the little heel? Makes 'em a little bit more elegant than classic saddles, but they're still very comfortable to walk in.

Some cool dresses I found at the antiques store: this red 1950s house dress was $8.00; the 1960s pink square dancing dress, 1940s rayon day dress, and 1940s knit sweater dress were all $10.00 each.
....Just to reassure my fellow vintage lovers , I should add that I just hung up the sweater dress for pics, and it is now sitting all nicely folded on my shelf ;)

Not a "find" per say, but after months of dreaming, I finally got the gumption to bang a few nails in the walls and start building a Wall Of Hats in my bedroom at home. Yes, now I'm in a dorm room (darned residency requirement...!!) but I can't wait to go home again and spend some more time admiring my handiwork, haha!

Found anything fun for the upcoming autumn??


hurricane irene

To anyone impacted by Irene in any way, my heart goes out to you. I sincerely hope every one of you are safe and sound.

Irene has absolutely devastated Southern Vermont, and though luckily I'm up North at school right now, I'm hearing news of towns and roads I know so well being ravaged by floods. As a matter of fact, the house my mother moved out of just this June has been washed away by floods, along with many other houses on that street. I am heartsick, terrified to hear about the fates of all the neighborhood dogs and cats, and we still had lots of unreplaceable heirloom furniture, artwork, and sentimental childhood things packed away in storage there that are gone forever. These houses were all historic early 19th century beauties, too, and in our sleepy little town of 700 people, this is quite a blow. 

However, I feel so blessed we were no longer really living in the house, and to my knowledge, no people were seriously injured in the wreckage. When I feel sad about all the material things I've lost, I just recall that all my friends, folks, and critters are alive and well. And I'm not usually the type to go on about miracles and such, but to think we had just moved some more of our favorite things out of the old house last weekend... it's really something. I know many weren't that lucky, though, and I want you to know my thoughts are with you and yours. ♥

RIP, Water Street House. This 1920s dress was something I found in the attic there, along with baskets full of Victorian through 1930s letters, calling cards, books, and photographs. Those pieces are all safely tucked away at my dad's house, and will serve as a permanent reminder of the glorious little farmhouse that once was.


queen of the cornfield

Hey there, folks. It's been awhile since I showed my face, so I though I'd change that. It's been a busy last few weeks as I cram in as much summer fun as I possibly can. Tomorrow I'm heading back to University for another round of learnin'. Hopefully my classes will be fun. I have a film studies class that exclusively covers the Silent era... we have a whole text book just on Buster Keaton, my favorite actor ever... needless to say, I'm quite excited. I'm in mourning over the end of summer though; really now, how did it slip away so quickly?!

This cornfield is this place, all grown up. I take lots of walks up there with my dog. Running through corn stalks sounds a lot more romantic than the actuality; really, the place is dripping with big daddy longlegs waiting to pounce, so I avoid the actual corn as much as I can, hehe.

Enjoy the weekend!!!


Paper Moon (1973)

A favorite film of mine; the stark black-and-white imagery calls to mind the works of Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange, and Addie Pray gives Scout Finch a run for the money in the category of Greatest Gruff Little Tomboy of the Great Depression. In these hot, dusty last days of summer, its aesthetic is everything I want.

Perhaps one of the best parts is the soundtrack!
 Have a listen, and then scroll down for some pictures.
(images nabbed from all over the web. click to enlarge.)

I'd guess most of you have seen this classic before, but on the off chance you haven't, please do. It's on Netflix Instant Watch now, as a matter of fact. It's a little sappy, sure, but it's awfully endearing and a wonderful evocation of the Dust Bowl-era American Midwest.


collegiate style for fall

Although I'm still in denial over here, the scary truth is, classes start in less than three weeks for me! Summer is my favorite season, and here in cold old Vermont they are preciously short. Why, I feel like my vacation's just started, though it's been over three whole months now. There is one thing to look forward to, though... autumn dressing!! I get excited just thinking about cracking out the tights, oxfords, suit jackets, wool skirts, cardigans, and mink collars again.

We vintage bloggers must have some sort of telepathic connection, 'cause I had the idea for this post on Monday, then took a gander at my blogroll today to find several posts in the very same vein! I'm loving all the inspiration!! This series of images from the Life archives is what initially struck my fancy; these gals are students at Wellesley College in 1938, and are the perfect embodiment of the classic New England collegiate look I want to emulate this Fall. 


Check out the gal on the left's trousers. How I'd love a pair or two of those for snowy weekends!

I think saddle shoes and angora socks were quite the craze in '38. You know, I used to consider saddles too cheesy-'50s (like poodle skirts and Grease), but seeing adorable '30s gals wearing 'em has made me come 'round to their charm.

This girl just steals the show, though. I wonder if she was en route to some hot date, or if she actually went to class like this? Either way, she's pretty fabulous.




cape cod album, vol. III

A little sampling of my outfits & adventures on my seaside holiday... Part Three of Three.

These pictures are my favorites, taken out in the marshlands. The golden evening light was perfect, and the scenery spectacular. I honestly prefer the salt marshes to the beach aesthetically; plus there's less crowds and more wildlife to watch.


cape cod album, vol. II

A little sampling of my outfits & adventures on my seaside holiday... Part Two of Three.

Greetings, friends! Here are a some more pictures from my summer vacation, this time taken on the bright and beautiful beach. 


cape cod album, vol. I

A little sampling of my outfits & adventures on my seaside holiday... Part One of Three.


treasures from the cape

My Cape Cod travels are through, and I'm stranded in the land-locked Green Mountains once more. It's always such a sad first few days back in the humdrum sludge of reality after a vacation someplace beautiful, isn't it? Of course I love being a farm girl amidst rolling hills and red barns, but the rocky New England coast & the clear crashing waters of the Atlantic are especially dear to my heart. I brought home so many special souvenirs, though; my aunt, with whom I stayed, is an antiques dealer and she works at an auction house... needless to say, I was in heaven pawing through her limitless textile collection. She was even nice enough to gift me a few stunning pieces for my own: a 1930s velvet opera coat, a 1910s lace tea dress, an 1890s velvet lady's hat, as well as antique lace, millinery, and silk pieces galore. I'm a very lucky lass indeed!!

From my own pocket money, I acquired this darling pair of 1890s childrens' stories, both of which are tales of "Old New England life". They have the sweetest illustrations, too!

My film is off being developed, but I'd like to share some of my seaside outfits with you once they're back!

Having been away from my computer for one week means I have so much catching up to do, yikes! My Google Reader is overflowing with unread posts. Well, I sure hope this last week has been a good one for you.

I'll see you soon!