back from the grave

I love this charming cemetery I discovered by my school.
It's the final resting place for some very well-off Vermonters of yore, just full of grand old monuments.


desert blooms

This is Scottsdale, Arizona through the lens of Life's Nina Leen. 

Here glorious midcentury Western fashions are paraded about a surreal oasis; it's an absolute aesthetic paradise of '50s pastels and classic ranchwear, pink poodles and beautiful Arabian horses!
Yet there is also something unsettling, something poignantly ephemeral, in pictures like these where the blithe sprawl of suburbia is juxtaposed against the stark ancient desert (indeed, the city of Scottsdale was only incorporated in 1951).  Anyway, I want to live inside these pictures, and had to share them!


Happy Birthday, Loretta Lynn!

Loretta was among my first true role models, and so much of who I am today comes from taking her records to heart. She taught me to always be spunky and brave, to never feel ashamed of coming from nothing, and of course the magic of AquaNet. Thank you, Loretta Lynn!! I love you more than my Irish setter ♥

Somewhat tangentially... the stars have aligned, and the universe has sent me my Spirit Dress. It is a '60s two-piece square dancing set; snagged for $15 on eBay-- more than I usually spend, but not too bad, and I guess that's the nice thing about tax refunds. The hint of Victorian gothic on top of pure country-western kitsch makes my little heart sing; it looks the way my soul feels, haha.


PS: Loretta fans, have you read her new memoir? I think it's about the stories behind her lyrics. Can't wait 'til next month when I'm done with school, and I'll finally have time to read non-school related books :) 

Have a magnificent weekend! 


easter sunday

I hope your Easters were splendid!!
As for me, well, I really could write a sonnet about my Easter bonnet...

1930s dress, 1920s hat, TUK t-straps.


flappers with banjos

 Could there be anything more delightful?

Some more old-timey gals strumming away:
Grandmother, age 16 (detail)


Strumming on the Old Banjo

girl and banjolele, 1920s

Sara Carter
^That's a young Sara Carter! 


Snapshot: Backyard Woman With Umbrella And Banjo

Hee Haw!

Women with banjos

Here's the whole adorable 9-minute clip of the Ingenues' performance, including the little ditty above. They play a whole medley of '20s popular songs with just about every instrument imaginable. I want to be in their band, haha!

{ All pictures from Flickr; click through for source! }