back to school

Yeah, more collegiate looks. It may be a style more commonly associated with Fall, but as my spring semester gets under way, it's still how I'm dressing every day. These pictures come from the Bard College Archives, and were taken in the '40s and '50s. 

(Oh, I've the same ol' lament... why, oh why, don't college boys dress like this anymore?!) 

^^That sweet pup is her Seeing Eye Dog.

Bard has a reputation for appealing to more artistic types, and that's reflected in the way these young women are dressed. Sometimes all those gorgeous Life pictures can be mildly discouraging, as many of those girls seem to be fair, willowy, natural beauties. I like how these gals seem a little more relaxed... not so immaculate, with glasses galore and nary a saddle shoe in sight. Notice all the jeans and sneakers; my oh my! 

You can see more of the archives  here. They go back to the 19th century and up 'til the 1980s, and are really worth a look if student (and faculty!) fashions interest you. 


little darling argus

Howdy friends. I hope you're well. I've been awfully busy these days, as it's my first week of spring classes. Exciting but tiring!


For Christmas, I bought myself a cute '40s Argus C3. I used to be very interested in film photography in highschool, but then one day my creaky thrifted '70s camera broke and I couldn't afford a new one, and that kind of fizzled out. It's really nice to work with film again! This is the first roll I've shot in the Argus, and I'm thrilled that they turned out so well... I was kind of expecting them to turn out all blurry and full of light leaks, since it's such an old camera and I did get it on eBay, ha. There were some peculiar double exposures, but I find them charming.



fitch rd

fitch rd.

fitch rd


ashworth barn

These were all taken out on the roads around where I live. The barn is by the previously abandoned house I used to explore as a kid, but someone is fixing it up now... good for the house, but I'll miss riding my horse around it and peering in the dusty windows. Well, at least I got to smuggle out the front of a beautiful upright piano top from the dumpster; it's Victorian and hand carved with flowers.


summertime blues

There just ain't no cure. It may be only January, but I am already itching to get out the pale blue cotton frocks of sumer.

This is a 1950s R & K Originals dress I thrifted in November. It cost me $5. Oh yes, it's in wonderful shape and fits me just perfectly. Featuring rhinestone buttons, a pintuck bodice, and a built-in crinoline, I can't wait 'til it's warm enough to wear it!!

Then this late '60s cutie is from the lovely Dandelion Vintage store. I got it in late summer, and didn't get enough chances to enjoy it while the weather was appropriate. It reminds me of something Sissy Spacek might've worn in Badlands. Here's a couple li'l snapshots from greener days:

Clearly I've made a grave mistake by remaining in such a cold climate all these years, hehe. Well, as soon as I'm done with college (oh, and have some dough to spare), I think it may be "goodbye, Northern land" for this cold-hating weakling. Though I will say this for our cold Vermont winters: they are spectacularly pretty, and they make one appreciate the summer's sweetness all the more. 


steely resolve

I never really make New Year's Resolutions, but this year I am. You see, my poor li'l Electromuse lap steel guitar has been sitting in the corner, all dusty and neglected, for too long now. I've had it for about two years, but I get in this awful habit of practicing avidly for a few weeks, then just... forgetting about it for months and months. It's such a cute little thing, from the 1940s and sounds swell! It's just shameful, my inability to take up any instrument seriously. So my New Year's Resolution is to be a good girl and practice the damn thing. 

When I start to feel lazy, here are some songs zinging with steel to inspire me, and maybe you.

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And d'you like my dress? I'm in love with it! In this dress, I feel ready to become a Queen of the Steel Guitar.

Oh boy, now if I fail, all 434 (!!) of you will be so disappointed in me. Can't be letting my public down, eh! So, what are you working on for 2012 ?

(PS: If you still aren't hip the appeal of the steel guitar, let Tammy tell you:


new year's eve!

Here are some photos of my New Year's get-up, snapped before dinner. Now, I am not much of a glamour girl-- I'll take feedsack over silk any day-- but it is fun to play dress-up when the occasion calls for it. This is my ten-dollar 1940s dress; it's pretty dreamy! I topped it off with my beloved '10s or '20s embroidered jacket, and a '50s fur collar.