Songstress Style: Cindy Wilson and Lady Miss Kier

These dolls took the campiest, kookiest, and most delightful elements of '60s fashion to a fabulous new level... and their music isn't half bad either. Crack out the powder blue eyeshadow 'n' the teasing comb, and let's have some fun this weekend!!

Cindy Wilson standing tall infront of the Unisphere 


in the sun


Well, these days I've been craving color and pop-art vividness like never before. Must be the gloomy time of year... here on my country lane, I'm surrounded by exquisitely bleak vignettes of brown fields draped in frost, skeletal tree branches teeming with crows, and dead leaves wafting around the cemetery. In the past I've gotten all into that ~gothic ambiance~, but this year I'm like "no thanks". Roll on the sixties looks, 'cause nothing says summertime fun like a li'l mod dress and big hair, and I don't want realism, I want MAGIC!