spring fling ♡

Some dresses I'm excited to wear this April ♥
With Easter around the corner, I've been reaping inspiration for Springtime fashions!!
This Spring I am particularly inspired by the early 1960s, when Dior's romantic New Look silhouettes still prevailed, only brighter and more playful, with wonderfully exuberant hair and makeup to match. I especially adore the contrast between ethereal, innocent frocks and the harsh haughty make-up of 1950s fashion models; the sugary wardrobe of a princess, but the regal bearing of a queen!


Free 1950s Dress (needs work)

Would any sewers out there like this dress? It's a 1950s day dress in a cool gold-and-brown folksy print, but unfortunately the bodice is ripped in several places and I think it's beyond repair. You could make a lovely skirt out of it, repurpose the fabric, use it for photoshoots, display, pattern study... whatever!! It looks great from the front, but it's just in rough shape at the back :( The bust is 36" and the waist is 26".

If any of you lovely folks out there would like it, I'll mail to to you for free; just leave a comment with contact info, and the first commenter gets it. (NOTE: Due to shipping costs, I'm only offering this to U.S. readers.)



the need of being versed in country things

 photo GEDC1946_zps0a53335d.jpg

The birds that came to it through the air
At broken windows flew out and in,
Their murmur more like the sigh we sigh        15
From too much dwelling on what has been.

Yet for them the lilac renewed its leaf,
And the aged elm, though touched with fire;
And the dry pump flung up an awkward arm;
And the fence post carried a strand of wire.        20

For them there was really nothing sad.
But though they rejoiced in the nest they kept,
One had to be versed in country things
Not to believe the phoebes wept.

--Robert Frost's "The Need of Being Versed In Country Things. "

 photo GEDC1940_zpse6b6899c.jpg

Often in my visits to farmhouse ruins, I find myself meditating on these words by Robert Frost. It's too easy for me to fall prey to romanticism, to look at decaying homes and feel a melancholy ache for them. Frost's words remind me what a narrow and human-centric view that is, however; for as these old houses decay and sink back into the earth, Nature is simply reclaiming what's rightfully hers. In the Springtime especially, they burst with vitality... the songbirds rebuild their nests in rotting rafters, chipmunks emerge from slumber behind walls and mouldering sofas, while the new vines and wildflowers venture up against this makeshift arbor. I felt so rejuvenated and fresh myself as I listened to the drip-drip-drip of melting ice upon buckling floorboards in this hillside Italianate manor. This house must've been lovely to us once, but now it's lovelier to the wild things :)

 photo GEDC1929_zpsd1b14b3d.jpg

 photo GEDC1928_zpsae2d5bdb.jpg

 photo GEDC1943_zps49f922c1.jpg

 And if you'd like to get a better look at the house,  I have many more pictures here!
It's a fascinating place, very far gone in decay but rife with period charm.

I'll leave you with a snapshot from my car.
No snow here... looks like Spring has found us in the Green Mountains!! :)
 photo GEDC1949_zps9f441169.jpg



Howdy! Just a quick announcement: I am doing some Spring Cleaning and getting rid of some wonderful vintage pieces, if you haven't heard! You can check 'em out right here at my li'l Etsy shop. And do stay tuned, as I'm in in the process of clearing out a good 50% of my collection and much more will be added in the next few months! Prices are very low ;)

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♠ ♦ TO THE SHOP!! ♣ ♥


outfit: country sunshine

  photo GEDC1763_zps893d8e35.jpg

{ 1970s frock of yeller; Stetson boots & hat }

 photo GEDC1761_zps0d684eaa.jpg

Have a spectacular weekend. ♥


me, my thoughts are flower-strewn

Happy March, friends! I bet I'm not the only one breathing a sigh of relief... hallelujah, at long last Winter is on its way out!! Spring has always been my lucky month, when I'm at my most creative and good things seem to be just on the horizon. The merry springtime winds have been awfully nice to me already!

 photo GEDC1704_zps8fbb152c.jpg

I was so thrilled to win this dazzling hand-sewn lavender-filled kitty from the loveliest lass Zoe Winters!  Miss Kitty Lavender's a charmer with her sweet face, and of course that heavenly scent (as you can see from my Yardley's and withered posie, I'm a lavender junkie!). Zoe even whipped up this little country singer-esque ensemble just for her, so she fits in swell with the wardrobe she'll be watching over! {Go and have a look at Circus Girl Vintage for sweet-smelling kittens, vintage treasures and more.}

 photo GEDC1707_zpsfcdf9652.jpg

Speaking of country-singer wardrobes, here is a li'l jewel I snapped up last week. 
I don't typically go in for pale colors, but this puppy snared my heart with its silvery threads!

 photo GEDC1698_zpsc137b321.jpg