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Well, I finally did it... I joined instagram! In typical form, I'm several years behind the times but now that I have a decent smartphone I'm finally catching up! I'm @_merricat and you can also find a widget in my sidebar.

Please feel free to follow, I would love to follow back :)

Expect to see glimpses of antiques and old dresses, my outfits, rural Vermont life (especially dogs, flowers, and calves!) and my travels around historic New England. Hope to see you over there!!


country death songs

Hi hi! This evening I thought I'd share a few glimpses of the gallery show I had this Spring. It was my senior exhibition for my minor in photography. Art has always been a side project for me, as I would hate the pressure of making it my career, and while my photography was technically for school it was also an important creative outlet so I wouldn't go mad just writing and researching my thesis all day! As you can see, the love for antique dresses, long-empty farmhouses, and rural life I've cultivated on this blog are themes in my photographs as well.

I put up 50 prints, plus some installation elements and a hand-made book with some of my Western photographs. It was such a lot of work to install everything considering my show was only up for one week, but so very satisfying to see my work have a tangible presence. 


Gossamer Gown Update

Hello friends! This is just a little shop update post... I have an extremely varied batch of items, fresh from my attic to the shop. Blog readers can take 20% off your order of $20 or more through the month of June with the coupon code "sweetheart6"  

There are some truly lovely pieces I'd totally be hanging on to, were it not for my overwhelming need to declutter and bring in some cash ;)