suits me just fine

Being both a university student and a victim of rural Vermont's tough climate, nothing makes more sense than a good wardrobe of suit jackets and simple wool skirts. This '40s jacket is my very favorite, and you've seen it a lot! It's just perfect in every way (well, except for a couple of moth nibbles). 

Alas, no snow here-- shame on you, Vermont, for giving us a white Halloween but a green Christmas. Though I must confess, I am somewhat glad, as this allows me to prance about in impractical shoes a bit longer, hehe! It is so cold, though, I had to throw an overcoat and beret on top of this to survive the icy winds.

Well, this is my last post of 2011! Here's a sneak peek at my lovely new year's eve frock:

No, I don't have any fancy plans, but this satin 1940s confection was a mere $10-- of course I couldn't pass it up. 

Well, I'll see you next year! Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!


Magical Mainzer Cats

When I was a youngster, and thoroughly obsessed with cats, I began collecting these charming retro cat postcards. Today I still have most of 'em tacked upon my bedroom wall, and a little research tells me they were originally the product of Alfred Mainzer Publishing, though the artist behind these masterpieces remains anonymous. Are they not just fantastically bizarre? I'd love to slip into their madcap candy-colored world!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. You can see many, many more right here.


Have a Cool Yule!

...and a Frantic First!!!

Muchas gracias to the lovely Ms. Susan for my Christmas frock!! I feel like Scarlett O'Hara in it!


how now, cowichan?

I have been so busy with school, but I'm finally on winter holiday! Here are some of my greatest finds lately, and an outfit that's quite representative of the sort of things I've been wearing of late (a.k.a. dull and practical!).

For one thing, I found the 1950s cowichan of my dreams. Cost me ten dollars; a fair bargain!

I call this my "1950s dad look". Pleated trousers and kiltied shoes, ha!
The pants are 1940s or 1950s wool gabardine, and yes, you guessed it, mens'. Six dollars on eBay, I might add; I guess because they'd be freakishly small for most fellas.

The shoes, which you tragically can't really see in the above pictures, were a swell find! They're vintage Spauldings and called the "Miss Highlander", naturally-- isn't that kiltie the ultimate? Oh, and they came with the original box, which made me giddy:

They were originally $16 at Lord and Taylor, New York, according to the price tag. They clearly aren't deadstock, though; in fact, I must bring them to the cobbler for reheeling. I wonder if the original owner was a college girl herself...


honky tonk angels

Turn that jukebox way up high and fill my glass up while I cry. 

Actually, there's nothing to cry about when you're a honky-tonk girl!  Here are some gals who roam the range (or the barroom) and look pretty nifty. 

1950s LINDA MANNING WLW-T TV 5 press photo (Linda Elane Manning Grissom)
the great nostalgic
honky tonk girl

Always remember, buckaroos n buckarettes: 
The higher the hair, the closer to God 


the lady in the tutti-frutti hat

Wow! have I been busy lately... final exams are around the corner. What a joy. Anyway, in this bleak time of late nights in the library and cold windy December weather, I like to tie a jaunty patterned scarf in my hair and put on a li'l too much blush and red lippy à la Ms. Miranda. Yessir, no need for anti-depressants when you've got the Brazilian bombshell!!

Hope this magnificent dame helps to clear away some of your Monday blues!

(All photos nabbed from Dr Macro... they are humungous, so click on 'em to get an up-close look at the glorious details!)