in the last days of wonder

Just another look at my life in a forest glade.
These are the dying days of summer :'(



in the good old summertime

"Good old summer time,
When you day's work is over
Then you are in clover,
And life is one beautiful rhyme..."

 Gee, I just have no concept of time anymore... good ol' summertime. Every day seems just like the one before, except even more mystical. Summer in Vermont is like a delicate dream, when the forests and rundown buildings are overcome with twisting vines, and time slows to a pleasant creep. It can also be this melancholic time, when nostalgia haunts the heavy air, and the looming winter adds a blue note to every evening.  I mean, it's like another dimension, and the days are just packed!! 

Fancy Summatime Hair:
(easier than it looks!)