born to dye

Recently I discovered the magic of tea dying!

These are some antique underthings I dyed with Lipton Black Tea; I'm really enjoying the soft earthy tint they lend these Edwardian slips. Ironically enough, the tea bath gave the pieces a more antiquated look, as the attic-fresh white cottons here really didn't have any patina and looked like they could've been sewn up yesterday. With their new hue, they're also infinitely more wearable; pure white floor-sweeping dresses look more Cult Wife than ethereal on my frame, and I can't seem to master walking successfully with a coffee cup. I also dipped some slips in Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry, but it just gave it a slight greyish cast; next, I'm going to boil up some actual blueberries and give berry dyes a shot. Don't be deterred if DIY/craftsy things aren't your bag (they're not mine; I'm busy and kinda lazy). Tea dying is refreshingly simple and very foolproof. And how fun is it to stir your clothes around in a giant pot on the stove! Here's a little tutorial if you want to try it.



Songstress Style: Texacala Jones, the Cowpunk Queen

Well, I just saw Border Radio the other night, and the Tex cameo reminded me of how much I love that rough 'n' tumbleweeds deathrock goddess!!!

My favorite Horsehead tracks:
Oh Mother
Big House Part III
Lucky Hand


selling some things

Hello, friends. Yesterday I was treated to an armload of magnificent antique and vintage dresses at my favorite antique shop; but good lord, my wardrobe (/dressers/drawers/boxes in the attic) is fit to bursting. And I am also moving house to start up at a new college in the Fall... time to do some wardrobe purging, and let go of some less-worn frocks at the back of my closet. So, here's what's freshly listed...

After hemming and hawing, I've put this Nineteen-Teens era stunner up for sale! It's replete with some of the most incredible hand-made lace I've ever seen, and in marvelous condition. But it's too roomy for me, and such a beautiful dress deserves to be worn by someone who fits it perfectly!! You'll find the listing here. (I think I may have been wearing it backwards in the pictures, too; pretty sure the closures should be at the back on this one!) 

Also selling this fun 1950s sailor-collar frock...

These swell 1950s zig-zag pocket shorts...

As well as some 1950s and 1960s gowns and suits. See it all here.