We Are What We Are (2013)

I recently watched We Are What We Are... what a beautiful film! The storyline is like We Have Always Lived in the Castle meets Ric Burns' the Donner Party, equal parts gruesome and gorgeous. But the atmosphere is what got me: it perfectly captures the sublime verdant beauty of late Spring, and the Gothic qualities of of rural America. While it takes place in Upstate New York, it reminded me so very much of Vermont, too, with the otherworldly quality of the green landscape when it's cloaked in rain, and the way the golden hour 1970s trailerpark/ramshackle Victorian buildings are smeared thinly over the weird ancient Colonial world. There are lots of gorgeous shots framed by windows, windshields, and branches, giving viewers a veiled, voyeuristic look into the sisters' insular world. Finally, the soundtrack is magical, featuring old-time country and blues.

 Here's a deluge of screenshots I took; you can watch the film on Netflix instant. 


easter dream

Hi! It's still Easter week, so happy Easter!!!

Easter is my favorite holiday, 'cause it's the cutest, and I get to be a twee-as-fuck pastel-clad princess. For Easter Sunday, I wore a 1950s daffodil-hued chiffon prom gown & a 1950s bonnet in a dusky tulle (with flowers underneath!). My puppy dog even had a spot at the brunch table-- adorable. I luv you, Easter!!!




Fond Greetings!

Easter tomorrow! The dancing lambs, fresh flowers, and sweets make it my favorite time of year ♥

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who the hell was baby jane hudson?

When I found this cool eyelet gown at the antique mall last week for all of $15, I just had to make it mine---it reminds me so very much of the puffed-sleeve, full-skirted Southern belle/debutante gowns so many '30s and '40s boudoir dolls wear!!! My own mean-mugging boudoir dolly Lili Marlene sports a similar gown herself.



For only Gossamer, my Gown –

When I was in California recently, I had the amazing fortune of finding not one, but TWO original 1970s Gunne Sax dresses at a thrift shop.

 photo gun1_zps0e50c9b1.jpg

While I have worn my fair share of '70s maxi dresses, these are my first Gunnes, and now I fully understand the hype... they are full of beautiful details, and really flattering: they make me look a foot taller! ;) I think both will be added to my Etsy shop, so stay tuned for the re-opening on Feb. 1st.


low and lonesome low

My second home is the Salton Sea. ♡

All the encrusted marina vestiges make me feel like a mermaid queen in her salty underwater palace.

Songs of the Sea:

Mer ~ Chelsea Wolfe

 Saline the Salt Lake Queen ~ Rasputina

Sinking in the Lonesome Sea ~ the Carter Family