the dream of horses


This week my li'l strawberry roan, Chinook, is having his 17th birthday!


He lives up the hill from me at my neighbor's place, an old dairy farm which I frequently haunt.

Here's a little tour, if you like......


free to be

"Like a bird in a tree, I got my liberty, and I'm free from the chain gang now."


That is, school's out.

I couldn't be happier that the long winter is finally over, and that I'm back home in the wild green countryside. Been spending long hours out in the sun, listening to the chorus of songbirds and spring peepers, and dressing with Carmen Miranda & bright flowers in mind.

This 1950s squaw dress was one of my first vintage dresses; I got it in Santa Fe when I was 15, at a dreamy place called Double Take at the Ranch. It was just miraculous to me, to think such a beautiful dress existed. Soon, of course, I found out there were more like it, and thus began a bad habit of hoarding old frocks.....

Well, I hope you're doing swell, and that the weather is fine ♥


lilac queens

 Here in the hills of Vermont, beautiful lilac season is in full swing.
How adorable are these queens of Rochester Lilac Festivals past... girls after my own heart!

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"The first Lilac Sunday was held in 1905. By 1908 around 25,000 people attended. The festival gradually expanded to Lilac Time and Lilac Week. In 1978 the event became the 10-day-long Lilac festival. A day to enjoy lilacs and springtime had expanded to include Lilac Queen contests, horse-drawn carriage rides, concerts, parades, children's amusements, races, exhibitions and, of course, food."

Wouldn't be complete without Eartha's hypnotic rendition of "Lilac Wine"...


songstress style: nikki lane

Lately I've been listening to this honky tonk songbird over and over; her music makes for the perfect summer soundtrack! Miss Lane has a distinctly retro outlaw-country sound, drenched in pedal steel & twang, and yet refreshingly new. Oh.... and she also has the most splendid '60s desert drifter style and big country hair.