ecoutez l'histoire de bonnie et clyde

(Outfit: 60s faux mink coat; 50s felt cap; 50s Saks Fifth Avenue cashmere sweater; 50s Pendleton skirt; Vigoss oxfords)

Like many of you I'm sure, Faye Dunaway's portrayal of Miss Parker in the legendary film Bonnie and Clyde has been one of my favorite fashion references for years. The combination of Faye's gorgeous 60s cat eye liner and hair with the sleek 30s silhouettes of her skirts and sweaters has been hugely inspiring to me.

Though Faye will always be Bonnie Parker in my mind, Brigitte Bardot's take on the infamous gun moll is also worth a look! She brings a whole 'nother level of late 60s chic to the role alongside Serge Gainsbourg in the music video to their song about the outlaw couple.

The futility of a fugitive's life & other wig dilemmas. Stick 'em up -- your wig, that is.
Youtube wouldn't let me imbed it, but be sure to watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsTMhScumOE

leaves and jumper
barn door


  1. FABULOUS! Fall is the perfect time to dress like Bonnie.
    If I ever have a girl I'm naming her Bonnie :o)

  2. I love it! The Pendelton skirt is killer! Where are these shots taken?

  3. Love it :) And the shots are just beautiful too!

  4. Thanks so much for the kind comments!
    Q: Wouldn't it be so cool to be named after her? It's such a pretty name too.
    Crystal Lee: I took them in my mom's house (which is being remodeled-- it's nearly 200 years old and was abandoned when we bought it) and in one of our barns.

  5. You are adorable! i love your style and your country roots. so excited to have found you through q's daydream, and to see what you come up with next. your little rodeo queen dresses with flounce and ruffles are so darling on you!

  6. So pretty! I'm in love with that first picture- your outfit against the wallpaper is just perfect.

  7. amazing job of recapturing the fashion in that film. I loved it always too! That film's ending still gets me when I think about it. . just how they filmed it and all the details makes me always imagine how it must have really happened. kinda scary!

  8. you are inspirig. if you like art, go on my blog.

  9. I found your blog via Qs Daydream and had to follow you immediately! As a Nashvillian, your style and interests resonates with me quite strongly. Adorable, keep it up.

    And as a francophile, I love the allusion to this song!

  10. Thank you lovelies!! You guys are so sweet.

    Victoria: I always tell myself I'm going to fastforward through the ending... but I never do. I love it when they look at each other the minute before the gunfire... so chilling but so romantic!

    Merci Passport Smiles, et bienvenue : )

  11. You look so beautiful here. I love these photographs!


  12. i'm in love with your blog! i'm your newest follower :)

  13. Your outfit is so perfectly put together. And that wallpaper? Sigh.

  14. you are so adorable, it's crazy! Love it!


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