summer daydreams

Sincerely Olive Thomas
Hi all! Still busy with exams, studying, etc. (I get my freedom on Tuesday!)

In the mean time, here are some images of 1920s hairstyles I'd like to copy and dreamy places I'd like to be in (just a bit random, yes!). It's been such a long winter, I can hardly believe that the hazy, verdant days of summer are just around the corner... but they are.
Frank Mills Farmstead
Lee Morse
Rusted Iron Hand Pump on Land Which Used to Be Covered by Tallgrass Prairie in Johnson County Kansas near Kansas City...09/1974
Ziegfeld Girls
William Eggleston
Dolores Costello
august moon spoon
Carter Family Fold-exterior-side with mural-detail copy
Then this picture is not inspiring in any way, but it makes me ridiculously happy:
Obsolescence in the Junkyard - Pony or Auto? 04/1973
♥ See you soon! ♥


  1. I love the photos you share - the hat in that first one is pure magic!

  2. I love these photos especially the miniature pony in front of the old Ford Falcon!! Good luck with your exams, kiddo.

  3. Lovely images, the pony is cute! x

  4. Oh these are beautiful photos - what a collection! I love the ripped lamp and beaten up dresser - so romantic. I hope the next few days move along quickly for you:)).

  5. Beautiful imagery! I have been coveting the long 1920's hair too. My hair is so long and thick now I think it's the only way forward. I have been rag rolling it and that works really well... Cant' wait to see yours. xx

  6. What gorgeous pictures - the first one is beautiful!

  7. Wonderful pics! Love the hairstyles, too, especially the one with the head scarf :) Good luck with your studying!

  8. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I'm so glad you ladies liked 'em!!

    Thanks for all the well wishing about my studies, too ; )


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