smile, darn ya, smile!

How adorable is 1931's vulpine singing brakeman?! It sure made me smile; I hope it brings you lotsa cheer as well!
And for good measure, here's my favorite Felix cartoon from when I was a young 'un:

(I was quite taken with the li'l kittens' "song" there when I was a kiddy; I could belt out a mean rendition of it myself, performed along with the accompanying dance, haha!)
Have a very merry Hallowe'en, y'all! What are you going to be?!

These cartoons have made me wish I'd had the time to sew up one of these:
Oh well, next year I'll think ahead a little ;)


  1. These videos are adorable. Those kittens!!!! ahh too cute.
    And that bear has some sweet dance moves, I must say.

    I was going to be a cigarette girl but I didn't want it to come off as slutty. So I was Rita Hayworth instead. Evidently people here are oblivious to any cultural reference pre-1980s since NO one knew who I was talking about. It was actually really shocking.

    What about you?


  2. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE these cartoons!


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