I'm gonna be warm this winter

Just a little show-n-tell with some of my favorite everyday coats. No matter what cute frock I'm wearing underneath, my darn coats are really all most people see this time of year! Northern New England winters are long and bitter, you see, and it's function over form when it comes to bundlin' up. So here you have it, this is how I keep warm:
 My versatile li'l dreamboat coat, a '50s cashmere shawl-collared number... 
(The cashmere's lovely, cozy as can be but quite sveltely tailored)

My late '50s/early '60s snow queen coat...
(...I think most vintage gals own some variation on this classic mid-century swing coat!) 

My '60s "Mincara" faux mink, perfect for those Mildred Pierce kind of days...

My two '60s black faux-furs, which yes, are quite similar. The one on the right hits just above the knee, though, and the longer one has far more elegant lines and detailing.
(Also, that's my '50s kitty-cat muff and cap set!)
(Those two pictures are from last winter, but the coats still look the same)

Now I do have a couple of ~fancy~ older coats, but they're neither warm enough nor sturdy enough for winter in the Great North Woods! These here were all thrifted on the cheap (none cost over $15) , so if they do get worn out it's not the end of the world. By the by, wearing dresses and skirts everyday is seldom a problem despite our chilly climate. Typically I just layer over-the-knee socks over wool tights, and it's pretty cozy (though I do favor wool slacks on the especially windy days). Ear muffs and headscarves are frequently worn, as are mittens.

 If you have any tricks or tips for maintaining vintage style in cold climes, do share!

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  1. You have a lovely collection of coats!

  2. LOVELY!!! you and me have the same black coat with mink collar and white snow queen coat... at least similiar :D your hair is soo cute! its growing really fast !

    1. Coat twins!! Yes, I've seen so many similar ones to that white coat, I think every single woman must have had one in the '50s/'60s, haha!

  3. Gorgeous coats!! i honestly need to get myself a vintage coat! especially with this awful english weather and snow. xo

  4. the coats are adorable and that kitty muff is beyond gorgeous

  5. Hah, yes I have a very similar white snow queen coat (I think you mentioned that to me already!) too! I really love coats with fur collars--they look so luxe and cozy!
    I adore all the music you post here; if you started an 8tracks I would be overjoyed...hint hint...♥♥♥

  6. Lovely jackets! In addition to a great winter coat, I keep warm with sweater tights and nice booties (faux fur lined are my favorite!). Also, detachable fur scarves/stoles/collars are a great piece to add to a plain jacket or sweater that will warm you up and add some fun vintage flair!

    Thanks for the winter eye candy :)

  7. I'm so jealous of your gorgeous coat collection! ;) My next fashion goal is to wear more faux fur.
    (Also, you remind me of Marion Cotillard a bit... And yes, it's a complement. :) )

  8. Soooo pretty!!!!! I love that they all have long sleaves! My wrists are always freezing when I wear my fir collared coat :0

  9. I LOVE your coats...and I'm swooning over that muff-hat set. DARLING!

  10. Thanks gals!!

    Thanks Mrs Williams! I've never gotten Marion before (I get Winona Ryder weirdly often) but she's so pretty, I wish I looked like her!!

    Yes, the cap & muff set are my pride and joy!! They were actually originally for little girls, but whatever... they're too cute to give to some kid, haha.

  11. Wow, beautiful coats! I have no tips on staying warm, good luck!!!

    Mabel Time

  12. Love this post! Here in Florida we don't need to bundle up very often - maybe a few days each year we might need it in the early morning or late at night. Therefore I don't have any vintage coats, but I would like to find a cute one for occassional use. Nice to see you picked these up so inexpensively! You've given me some great ideas.

  13. You're so sweet, like a doll:D Love your outfits!

  14. Such a lovely collection of coats! For someone who lives in warmer climes (though, I obviously still get very cold) I have a rather extensive collection of coats that just seems to keep on growing...hmmm. Also the muff and cap set is one of the cutest things I've seen!
    -Andi x

  15. I always struggle with vintage in winter due to the difficulties of finding vintage coats, I am more than a little jealous of your collection! You look lovely in all of these.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  16. I wear my fake fur coat all. the. time. It's uncanny, but it actually looks almost identical to your black fake fur one on the bottom. Those combined with a nice wool skirt and an elaborate pin curl updo make me feel like the Queen of December.

  17. I love these big, warm coats and the fur collars, classy! :)

  18. Thanks so much, dolls!

    Now Cassi, Rachel, Miss Amethyst and I are all coat twins, haha! So much for vintage being unique ;) I love finding out my vintage has a "twin" match up, though.... so neat!!

  19. I love all your coats! So cute. I'm excited it's finally cold enough here in Tennessee to break out the winter coats.


  20. love your snow queen coat! :)

    // take a look: *MICROPHONEHEART.

  21. I love your coat collection! The white one especially is beautiful. The piece de resistance of my own coat collection is a vintage Rothschild coat in an adult size!


  22. Wow. I love your coat collection, just beautiful. I lived in Boulder, Colorado for along time, fourteen years to be exact. Colorado ladies often wear slacks or jeans under their skirts or dresses when the weather is particularly chilly. I have even done it myself here in New York now on occasion. It really does help to keep one toasty and warm.


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