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Happy March, friends! I bet I'm not the only one breathing a sigh of relief... hallelujah, at long last Winter is on its way out!! Spring has always been my lucky month, when I'm at my most creative and good things seem to be just on the horizon. The merry springtime winds have been awfully nice to me already!

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I was so thrilled to win this dazzling hand-sewn lavender-filled kitty from the loveliest lass Zoe Winters!  Miss Kitty Lavender's a charmer with her sweet face, and of course that heavenly scent (as you can see from my Yardley's and withered posie, I'm a lavender junkie!). Zoe even whipped up this little country singer-esque ensemble just for her, so she fits in swell with the wardrobe she'll be watching over! {Go and have a look at Circus Girl Vintage for sweet-smelling kittens, vintage treasures and more.}

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Speaking of country-singer wardrobes, here is a li'l jewel I snapped up last week. 
I don't typically go in for pale colors, but this puppy snared my heart with its silvery threads!

 photo GEDC1698_zpsc137b321.jpg

Cute label inside:
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Another benefit of Spring: in the winter, my vitamin-D deprived mind always choose the mindless escapism of T.V. over books, so now that it's Spring I'm looking forward to being in and out of the library again! This week I'm reading up on the two great Williamses.
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♥ I hope your own March is off to a swell start too!!! ♥

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{PS: Today's title comes courtesy of this de-lovely Blanche cover of "Find the River"!!}


  1. The greatest Williamses :)
    Will have to give that biography a read - it looks like a good'un.
    Nothing better than reading a good book in the sun in spring x

  2. I can't recall the last time I uttered a bigger sigh of relief that spring was here (ok, almost here - we've still registering below freezing here this morning). It's not the winter was terribly long or brutal (neither was the case), it's just that I'm so gosh darn eager for yard sale season to begin again that I've been chomping at the bit for spring ever since last November! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. You find the cutest little dresses!! Happy March indeed :)

  4. Hank Williams rules! I want to read more biographies this year, he lead such an interesting life! thus, might be a good place to start eh! Let us know how this particular one goes, eh!? xx

  5. ➸♡➸ Aww fellow Lavender addict kitten, She looks lovely in your clothes, I hope she makes them smell lovely! ➸♡➸ Have a wonderful week sweetheart! :) Zoë xxx

    1. Thank you again, Zoe!! It is such a delight to open my closet now ;)

  6. Thank goodness for Spring eh! Looks like you're got some gorgeous clothes in that closet, love the cute western dress!

  7. I'm happy because winter is on its way! Haha. And I just finished reading that book on Hank Williams. It's great! (I think the author is *slightly* biased but it reads like a good story, rather than bogged down as some other biographies can be).

    1. Andi-- That's so funny you just finished it! I agree totally-- not the most impartial account, but an enjoyable read, especially as the super dry biographies bore me to death. I've also read the Escott bio, which is fantastic for getting all the facts, so this is a nice accompaniment to that one.

      Jessicat and Adele, you should definitely give it a go! Although Colin Escott's is more solid as a traditional bio, this one is a really pleasant read.

  8. Aaaw the kitty is amazing, Zoe is so clever, I have my own leopard print one she made! The dress is fricking gorgeous! xxx


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