low and lonesome low

My second home is the Salton Sea. ♡

All the encrusted marina vestiges make me feel like a mermaid queen in her salty underwater palace.

Songs of the Sea:

Mer ~ Chelsea Wolfe

 Saline the Salt Lake Queen ~ Rasputina

Sinking in the Lonesome Sea ~ the Carter Family


  1. Such a beautiful place, I want to go there so much! X

  2. So beautiful! I wish I'd had time to go there when I went to Palm Springs.

  3. My heart sings everytime I see new photos from you. Such a wondrous looking place, you are too lovely. And oh my I love Ms Wolfe too xx

  4. There is almost otherworldly quality to this salt strewn, entrancingly lovely landscape.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Hauntingly beautiful! You are indeed the mermaid queen, gorgeous girl x

  6. thanks all!! The Salton Sea is absolutely one of the most enchanting landscapes I have ever laid eyes on! It leaves me feeling haunted and blessed in its wake. Hope everyone gets a chance to visit it before it deteriorates too much! It is definitely a paradise in peril, sadly :(

    1. (Oh, and I must add-- the birding is amazing this time of years! Gulls, pelicans, and all sorts of sweet shore birds can be seen in droves!)

  7. I actually just watched something about the Salton sea on pbs and it was so interesting! Such an amazing looking place with such a cool history!

  8. Hey! I just found you blog and I really like it. Its so my style the vintage/western/rock 'n roll stuff is awesome. love your style!
    Keep it up,


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