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Hello friends! I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to post lately; I've been very busy this Spring with finishing my thesis* and having my first gallery show. Perhaps now that I have a spare minute, I can take some time to document my outfits again. Here is a quick outfit post from a little while ago. It was one of the first warm spring days of the year, and I was so excited to be able to lay aside the thick stockings for a change!

* I'm soon to graduate with my degree in Art History and American Studies, for which I wrote my thesis on female education and mourning rituals in Federal-era New England through the lens of schoolgirls' pictorial embroidery :)

1900s Edwardian child's dress
Vintage lace-trimmed slip
Crochet tights I've had for seven years(!!)
Thrifted "We Who See" Oxfords

This little dress is a favorite of mine, a sweet mix of Days of Heaven and Victorian doll. It's just perfect with its short length, demure lace trim, and scores of dainty pintucks! It came without any buttons down the back, so I poked more holes in it to thread a ribbon corset-style down the back. (This little trick also allows me to fit into it, as it's got a mere 30" bust.)

Here's another way I wore the dress from around Christmas:

Wearing it this time with a 1930s blouse, black stockings, and dusty little black boots.

....and a li'l inspiration

1. Empty House and Train, North Dakota. Eugene Richards, from his photo book The Blue Room.
Empty House and Train, North Dakota | Eugene Richards | The Blue Room

2. 1883 CDV of a girl identified as 10 year old Clara A. Smith, daughter of Lorin and L. Smith of New York. (Source)
1883 CDV of a girl identified as 10 year old Clara A. Smith, daughter of Lorin and L. Smith of New York

3. "Cold, Cold, Cold" by the Handsome Family.

Hope to see you soon 


  1. Your thesis sounds incredibly interesting. If you ever make it available online to the public, please let me know, as I'd greatly enjoy reading it.

    Happiest congrats, lovely lady, on your upcoming graduation.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh wow, your thesis sounds really cool! :) I absolutely adore this dress. So dreamy! x

  3. I love your style! That dress really suits you. :)

  4. That old dress is stunning, I love how you've given it a modern twist. So pretty. Congrats on all your school accomplishments! Your thesis sounds very intriguing!

  5. Always so amazing to see you pop up in my feed Dakota! ;__;

  6. Intriguing thesis and Congratulations!

  7. lovely as always, good luck with your thesis,

  8. Wow, your thesis sounds amazing! Gosh, I miss academia so badly - I have a degree in Art History and English lit. Are you going to pursue graduate studies in Art History?

    Very cute outfit, as usual! Your aesthetic is always on point.

  9. Thank you dolls!! I'm going to start posting more art and historical things to my blog, as an outlet for not being in school anymore, so I'll have more details on my thesis coming up soon :)

    Charmaine, I'm taking a year or two off as I'm a bit burnt out from 16 straight years of school, but I'd love to find a graduate program in art history (or maybe material culture studies) someday. It feels great to be done for now, but I know the siren call of academia will totally start calling me in a few months :)

  10. That's a super dress - and your thesis sounds fascinating.


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