country death songs

Hi hi! This evening I thought I'd share a few glimpses of the gallery show I had this Spring. It was my senior exhibition for my minor in photography. Art has always been a side project for me, as I would hate the pressure of making it my career, and while my photography was technically for school it was also an important creative outlet so I wouldn't go mad just writing and researching my thesis all day! As you can see, the love for antique dresses, long-empty farmhouses, and rural life I've cultivated on this blog are themes in my photographs as well.

I put up 50 prints, plus some installation elements and a hand-made book with some of my Western photographs. It was such a lot of work to install everything considering my show was only up for one week, but so very satisfying to see my work have a tangible presence. 

I had my artist statement on a scrap of paper on the trunk, as well as a copy of Robert Frost poems I'd found in a very special abandoned house open to "Ghost House" (one of my favorite Frost poems).

I'm a little nervous about putting my photographs out on the web, as who knows where they'll end up, but here are a few of the pictures I printed! My pictures are mainly on 35mm black-and-white film which I scanned and printed on a piezography printer. I printed them onto matte museum etching paper, which I just dry mounted onto plain white matboard and nailed to the wall (I painted all the nail heads to match the gallery wall). The scans are not as rich and black as my prints for want of editing, but you get the idea.



Well, that's all for now! I was very excited to start documenting my wardrobe after school ended... but of course, my tripod broke, and after having access to a DSLR camera from my school's photography department I am quite resentful of my own old, bad little digital camera! Ah well, for my countryside summers I tend to dress very minimally, so I perhaps will I start blogging about other aspects of vintage style and creative projects :) I hope your June is off to a beautiful start!


  1. Your photos are beautiful! I majored in film photography and know how hard it can be, you are definitely talented!

  2. This is such a beautiful exhibit. It would have been so wonderful to see it in the flesh! And I love Robert Frost.

  3. Thank you so much, Stacey and Lucy! <3

  4. I would have loved to have seen that exhibition, I love your photography x

  5. This is stunning stunning stunning.
    These images are the coolest thing, the kind of stuff I re log and pin and such because they make me feel and wonder and remember and think.
    Well done

  6. How tremendously beautiful. There is an old, elegant soul at work in this exhibit that speaks, nay sings, to my own a very great deal.

    ♥ Jessica


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