Like a Summer Thursday


To celebrate my birthday, I (along with a couple of good friends and my mom) packed up a picnic of Frito pie, local honey crisp apples, and ginger ale and brought it to my favorite local pond, Lowell Lake! Lowell Lake is like my dream come true; it was a kid's summer camp until the 1980s, when the State of Vermont acquired it and made it a state park. All these adorable old log cabins and story-book cottage bunkhouses were just boarded up and abandoned! It's sort of sad, but it's the most charming place I've ever been.

Oh, and that funny little husky in the picture with me is my dog Banjo!

The weather was exceptionally hot again; I originally had stockings on with this outfit, but quickly shed them. Here's the Townes Van Zandt song I had in my head that day:

I wore a 1950s blouse and skirt with my English riding boots; the pattern on the blouse is little chalets and cabins, quite perfect for this outing.

There they are, a row of abandoned bunkhouses! There must be about twenty boarded up camp structures, including a mess hall, a laundry room, a recreation hall, and some barns.

We left just as the sun was setting; the colors were truly a sight to see. Fall's definitely hit the Green Mountains...

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  1. I like the skirt! You look very sweet! O and pretty photos!

    xx Marije


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