When night comes falling fast

It's polyester! It's from the late 1960s! It's cranberry red! It has a mock turtle neck! I should hate this dress, or rather, it should hate me-- I admire mod dresses, but they usually are so unflattering on me and clash with my personal aesthetic.

I am so very in love with this frock however. It reminds me of Sylvia Tyson and crisp clear October days and the bright autumn woods and the 1970s-looking chalet I grew up in.

This song "Lonely Girls" by Ian & Sylvia just epitomizes the coming season to me. Fall is the loveliest time in Vermont, but those chilly sunlit evenings are quite sad and lonesome as well. Of course now that I'm at college I feel all nostalgic about Autumns at home! The truth is that it's a bitter and bleak time-- everything's dying and you're cold to the bone all the time! But oh, now that I'm two hundred miles from home even dead trees and evenings spent huddled miserably next to the woodstove sound incredibly romantic and glorious. Sigh.


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  1. Thanks very much, Lauren Carney!!! I mostly do this for myself, but I'm so glad to know someone else is enjoying my pictures : )


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