nifty thrifty finds

Hello all!
I'm so glad you didn't laugh at my muff set; I must say, I'm surprised how many compliments I've received on them so far from my sweatpants-and-ugg wearing peers. It's oddly touching.
Anyway, remember how I mentioned it was just $10.00 for the pair? Well, that's because a very fabulous antique store near my hometown was having a very fabulous President's Day Weekend sale; needless to say, I snapped up quite a few other extreme bargains too!

Oh, and I have a little story too... over Christmas Break I saw a rust colored 1930s crepe dress at the antique mall and was quite smitten. Unfortunately, it wasn't cheap, so I reluctantly gave it a miss. It continued to haunt me, though; when I saw a 30s or 40s rust colored hat later on at a vintage store near my University that would've looked smashing with The Dress (yes, it's a proper noun now) but was much cheaper, I snapped it up as a consolation prize.
1930s hat
Fast-forward to the President's Day sale I went to last weekend... and there was The Dress for FIVE DOLLARS! I was over the moon. The pictures unfortunately don't do it any justice, but I will have an outfit post coming soon. It's the intricate 30s tailoring and detailing that makes this frock; so very flattering and beautiful.
1930s crepe dress
1930s collar
In addition to the muff set and 30s crepe dress, I also snatched up a striped 1950s day dress for $5.00 (no pictures, but you can see the sleeve poking out of my closet in the next photo, lol!) and this ethereal 1920s sheer black dress for about $20.00. Not a bad price at all for a 90 year old gem like this!
black flapper dress
black 20s dress
I rarely give away my vintage sources, but I highly doubt I'm going to cue a mass migration to Southern Vermont... so, if perchance you're travellin' through Brattleboro, Vermont, be sure to swing by Twice Upon A Time on Main Street. That's where I snapped up these fabulous finds. They always have a Ten Dollars Or Less box out full of things that have taken too long to sell. I find gorgeous Victorian, 20s, and 30s garments in there all the time... definitely worth a peek if you're nearby.

Post Script: I just realized I have over 100 followers now... hooray! Thank you all so much; I'm so thankful to each one of you for being interested in my vintage musings : D


  1. Ooh more lovely dresses, that hat is also something else, you have to model it for us! :)

  2. Wow, what incredible finds!! I am so jealous you have such good shops near you!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Ag i am now insanely jelous! I discovered a store with similar type bargains on my lates trip to see my grandma - and am beginning to think weekends in country antique shops are sounding pretty good! :)

  4. What a great dress – I am chuffed it worked out like this for you :)
    And what bargains! We don't have this kind of stuff here in Aus.
    I love the other finds too :)

  5. You seriously find the most amazing stuff. I never get this lucky, everything always feels so picked-over here.

  6. I'm so envious of your finds, especially at those prices! Obviously that dress was meant for you as it was marked down so low and no one else had discovered it. Can't wait to see how you style the dress and hat together.

  7. one time, years ago, i was taking a silly quiz on the internet about "where you were meant to live", and it told me that of all places in the world I should live in Brattleboro. now i totally see why! i'm seriously going to take a drive over there this spring and pick through that shop! haha

  8. oh oh! I want to see them ON you!!!!
    great finds. Of course I wouldn't laugh about anything you wear because I adore your style.

  9. Dont mimd me I am just loving your blog and am going backwards and love what I am reading.Well done on those dresses you lucky girl.I wish my own girls were into vintage like you.


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