Songstress Style: Tracee Mae Miller of Blanche

In case my blog's title didn't tip you off, I love music and take a lot of style inspiration from many of the famous (and not-so-famous) musicians of country and American roots music. This blog's getting a bit dull and narcissistic, I think, with just pictures of me all the time, so I'm going to start shaking things up every Friday with a little style feature on some of the fashionable and talented songstresses I admire!
First up: the lovely Tracee Mae Miller, of Detroit-based alt-country band Blanche.

If you've seen the Johnny Cash biopic Walk The Line, you may remember her in her cameo as Luther Perkin's wife, seen playing bridge with Vivian (she had the cute Bettie Page bangs!). You'll almost certainly remember her husband, Dan Miller, who played Luther himself. The stylish couple actually dress in the most amazing vintage ensembles all the time, and have a fabulous alt-country band as well. I love Tracee Mae's ethereal Victorian and Edwardian inspired looks, though the entire band's sepia-toned look is so wonderful. They're also close cohorts of the White Stripes: Tracee plays Jack White's red-headed bride in the Hotel Yorba music video, wearing a rather amazing ruffled dress!

Even if their haunting Southern Gothic sound isn't your style, their music videos are endlessly stunning: abandoned houses, ruffled dresses, and autoharp? Yes, please!
Also be sure to take a look at Ms. Miller's beautiful paintings:

Have a great weekend; we've got a little February thaw going on here this weekend, so I'm off to soak up as much premature springtime as I can!


  1. OHHHH! I love them! I've never heard them before! I do remember her in Walk the Line. Of course it would be weird if I didn't because I've seen it 10000 times, haha!
    Thanks so much for sharing! I love this new feature ;o)

  2. I love Tracee! I went to a garage sale at her and Dan John's house when I lived in Detroit. I got sooo many amazing dresses, shoes, skirts, and old fashion night gowns. Do you have a P.O. Box? I wouldn't mind mailing you a few of her things that I don't wear(hope that isn't creepy).


    1. Do you have any left? I have been searching all over for dresses like hers! You are so lucky I would have been in heaven!

    2. Hey Miranda, dresses like Tracee's are actually pretty easy to find... she seems to wear lots of 1970s maxi dresses. Try search terms like Gunne Sax, Young Edwardian, 1960s Victorian, etc. on eBay and Etsy. I have a whole bunch that I've found online and at thrift stores :)

  3. Ah! What a talented lady. Looking forward to these features. Big fan of your lovely blog!


  4. Wow, thanks for such awesome links to this band! I hadn't heard of them before (how is this possible?!) and I love alt country AND Walk the Line! Awesome :)

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  6. this is just great. I love the whole atmosphere of the videos and she has such an awesome style.
    this is my kind of music, too!


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