who the hell was baby jane hudson?

When I found this cool eyelet gown at the antique mall last week for all of $15, I just had to make it mine---it reminds me so very much of the puffed-sleeve, full-skirted Southern belle/debutante gowns so many '30s and '40s boudoir dolls wear!!! My own mean-mugging boudoir dolly Lili Marlene sports a similar gown herself.

This gown has quickly become one of my very favorite dresses. It features a three-dimensional crochet lace trim, a peter pan collar, a darling petal-like peplum, and hook-and-eye clasps all up the back. The amazing attention to detail puts me in mind of Edwardian frocks, but fortunately this guy is probably from the 1940s, so it's sturdier and has great snug tailoring. I can't wait to pair it with my black western boots this summer for a Days of Heaven, prairie ghost look!

For more dollspiration, I of course have a whole Pinterest board for pretty boudoir dolls & the girls who look like them. I am a bit late to the Pin game, having just signed up a few months ago, but it's been a real boon to me & my frantic head full of aesthetic fixations. Feel free to follow me if you wanna keep up with my Springtime inspirations!

Oh, and I am also re-opening my Etsy shop soon; just have to finish measuring & photographing, but I hope to be in business by mid April! I can't wait to show you all the wonderful dresses I'm listing; some it breaks my heart to let go of, but I'm trying so hard not to become a hoarder this early in life. 

See you soon! And don't forget---there's a genuine Baby Jane doll waiting for each and every one of ya right out in the foyer!


  1. you are so beautiful and this gown s stunning! x

  2. That dress is truly lovely and I love that you and the doll are so matchy-matchy. Just perfect!

  3. What a charming dress. It does look a lot like your doll, the collar, sleeves and peplum are to die for.
    Apparently i'm even later to the Pin game, having just signed up a couple of weeks ago... oh well!
    Thank you for sharing :)


  4. Oooh, I'm delighted to know that you've hopped on the Pinterest bandwagon, too, sweet dear. I just started following you and very much look forward to seeing the many marvelous things you'll continue to post there. Pinterest is, bar none, my favourite social media site of all time and I've been an active member since the summer of 2011, so if you follow me back, expect plenty of (highly assorted, but often vintage related) pins. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Captivatingly beautiful images!!! A boudoir doll is very high up on my vintage wishlist.

  5. Just got lost on your pinterest, barely made it out alive. What a treasure!

  6. Days of Heaven and boudoir dolls and Baby Jane Hudson...YOU ARE SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE. Gorgeous dress, love your eyeliner, and I'm going to go spend the rest of the day looking at your pinterest like the internet goon I am, lol. Great post!

  7. You look so much like that doll! Beautiful as always.


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