antique fair finds

calico pup
(Sorry about the blurriness, but isn't he cute? He's all hand-stitched, and most likely from the Depression era)

Hello all! I went to an antique fair last weekend where I managed to score all these pretty things for about $40 total! It was a real victory. My favorite finds by far were these two adorable children's books. "Whose Little Kitty Are You?" is from 1913, and "Peppy Pup" from 1922. The illustrations are just the sweetest! Also found: some pretty hair combs (I'd never used them before, but they're actually really great for my long hair), a 1940s silk bed jacket, a 1950s gingham day dress, and a hand-stitched toy dog made from feedsack material.
peppy pup (1922); whose little kitty are you? (1913)
whose little kitty are you?
The red bakelite comb in action:
red bakelite comb
1950s gingham day dress

Just a sneak preview of the bed jacket; I have an outfit post planned once my new camera comes. It's very capelike, so I am indeed wearing it as clothes (as opposed to pajamas). It's just too pretty to waste as sleepwear!
graceful lace


  1. Best kitty book find! and that little stuffed pup is so cute!

  2. Great bargains! Remember my mum having hair combs when I was a kid, I'd try time and again to use them but my hair was too thick and straight, grrr! :)


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