make me a poster of an old rodeo

(That Elvis album to the left is a 1956 original of his second album ever!! Found it for a buck at the thrift store; I'm such a geek, but it was a thrilling day.)

Just a little outfit post today; I ordered my new camera today and I'm going to get a tripod too. No more awkwardly asking friends to be my photographer or lugging around boxes and chairs to use as stands, hooray!

My dress is from the 1950s; it was originally to my ankles so I hemmed it, but it's way too short now. Oh well, I wear it anyway. My "belt" is actually my dad's plaid bandana (shh, he doesn't know I took it to college), my boots are the beat up Ariats I wear when I'm actually riding horses, and I forget the socks' story but I love them. The suede vest was hecho en Mexico and is actually from my childhood dress-up box.

I was a kind of cowgirl-flower child hybrid in middle school and my first two years of high school, and I was definitely harkening back to those days today. I'm definitely going in a late 60s/70s direction for Fall. All summer I was doing red lips and stockings and neat little chignons, and now nothing looks better to me than wearing my hair in long curls with gauzy dream-like antique dresses and cowboy boots.

rag curled

Of course, no one does the gypsy cowgirl look better than Miss Emmylou Harris! I have my Blue Kentucky Girl vinyl album propped on my dresser right now for inspiration when I'm getting dressed.

Emmylou Harris
Emmylou Harris - Mr Sandman 1981


  1. You look adorable!!
    I LOVE Elvis! That album is worth some cash lady ;o)
    I'll email you soon!

  2. Ooh such a cute outfit! And you may have the most gorgeous hair I've ever seen, so jealous :)

  3. Thanks all!

    Q's Daydream: Whatever it's worth, I'm not selling : D I adore early Elvis. It's so funny, they call him a "folk singer" on the back!

    FoofandFaff: Aww, thanks. I wish I could tell you my hair was naturally like that, but it's straight as a pin, so I put it in rag curls every night.

  4. Organized thoughts on this post:

    1. That's so cool you found that album!!
    2. That first photo is so pretty and interesting and I just love it.
    3. Your outfit is perfect- I really want that dress.
    4. Your hair is incredibly beautiful.



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