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These pictures aren't mine, so click on the photos to see the photographers' Flickr links!

Man oh man, I cannot wait to get back home and start taking pictures! Being a vehicle-less college student on an urban campus is not an ideal situation for a lil ole pastoralist like me, haha. But I'm living vicariously through these Flickr shots. I love finding everyday things left behind in abandoned houses; they tell so many stories and make the lives once lived there seem so much more real. Not gonna lie here, I have salvaged several souvenirs from local ruins, and I'd have several more if I ever stumbled upon any of the lovely dresses some of these photographers have discovered.

In slightly related news, my current camera is very cheap and has seen quite a bit of wear, so I'm currently researching camera brands and getting ready to get myself a new camera! It's a little bittersweet; me and my old HP Photosmart have been all over the world together; *sniffle* each scuff on its grey plastic shell tells a story. Ah well, I got some serious birthday money from the family in Britain, and I'm so excited to get a decent quality camera for the first time!

county line road
Red Dress


  1. the house pic is stunning; i want to live there!

  2. would it be okay if I did a little feature on you on my blog?
    You can email me, qwestvintage@gmail.com

  3. congrats on winning the eve dress! my dearest friends organized the promotion in Montreal!

  4. Garofit: I know, it's tragic to think people just abandon some of these places. Give it to me if you don't want it!

    Q's Daydream: Email sent : )

    Jenny: Thanks! I'm so excited to get it. It was a great idea. I know there were lots of winners on lots of blogs; I feel like I'm in a sort of club now, haha.

  5. Wow, I'm so glad I stumbled here! We have a lot in common. I'm Tess and I too am a lover of abandonment and countryside! Pleased to meet your lovely blog self. :)

  6. Love your photography; great landscape pictures and some nice composition. As for the vintage green square dance dress? Wow. Beautiful. And a beautiful lady wearing it.


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