Thrill Of the Thirties

02.06.09 {30s summer dresses}
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I have always loved the 1930s; when I was in sixth grade, I read and became slightly obsessed with "To Kill A Mockingbird". Around that time my mother gave me her Walker Evans and Eudora Welty photo books to look at, and I became fascinated by the hauntingly antiquated images. The dresses, the shop signs, the cars, the movie marquees, the dusty landscapes and the hobo camps seemed incredibly sad but romantic and beautiful at the same time. Later on in high school I also fell in love with the more glamorous side of the era as presented by Hollywood: Busby Berkeley musicals, starlets in bias-cut gowns, Mae West in her sequins and furs. Well, when I was back home over the Thanksgiving holidays, I found these two dresses from that era at my favorite antique store and they've sparked my interest in the 30s all over again! Here's a little glimpse.

For a grand total of $34.00 I added to my closet this magical lace dress...
...and this early 30s black crepe dress with tortoise shell buttons and a detachable lace insert.

Ruby Keeler
Roadside stand near Birmingham, Alabama (LOC)


  1. The 30's are my favorite era! And funny coincidence, I was obsessed with To Kill a Mockingbird in sixth grade as well :)

  2. Those dresses are SO gorgeous! Especially the 2nd! You find the best stuff. (:

    To Kill A Mockingbird is such an amazing book.


  3. loving your new dresses, they're gorgeous! x


  4. Excellent pics, especially loving your lace dress, need a pic of it being modelled! :)


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