in the pines

stone wall
(Outfit: J. Crew flannel shirt, 1950s jeans, very old snow boots)

So, I have this aversion to wearing jeans; I have a couple pairs of skinny jeans I use for rough outdoorsy stuff, but I just never wear them in public these days. I usually treat them like t-shirts or pajamas-- just casual weekend wear. Don't get me wrong, I love lots of denim look on other girls, but I feel so out of place in them! Well, this summer I snapped up these flannel-lined 1950s jeans on eBay as the price was amazingly low, and I'm smitten. I'm still not sure how often I'll be wearing this pair, but they're the first pair of jeans I've ever genuinely liked. They're so warm, too, with that adorable red checked flannel lining. They're also kind of the antithesis of chic, but we got about 6" of snow this weekend and there's more on the way... sadly my little 50s dresses are totally inadequate right now.

big woods

How could I not share this glorious picture with you all? This is my Vermonter Deluxe portrait. And that is our barn, not our house; I feel like I should clarify that.


  1. too cute! You look like a young June Carter!

  2. YOU ARE SO ADORABLE (& gorgeous!). I agree with the June Carter comment. :D

    That picture of you in the barn is awesome. I feel like you could be in a vintage advertisement for LL Bean or something. You look so cozy yet so put together. (:

  3. I used to find jeans quite tricky, until I found some more 50s styles, and now I love them again. Yours look so glamourous, this is one of my favourite outfits ever.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. I am the same about jeans. About trousers in general actually. Looks great on others but hate the girl in the mirror when it 's on me.

    Love these on you :)

  5. I'm smitten with your flannel-lined jeans, too!
    I've been scoping some out at L.L.Bean, Woolrich and the like, but never thought to look for a vintage pair. Thank you for the inspiration :)

  6. I don't wear jeans much at all until lately because it's getting too cold and I have holes in all my stockings! ahhh. I love love love this outfit though and the 50s jeans. I have some jeans from HeyDay which are reproduction 40s pants that I need to wear more often. Thanks for the reminder!!

  7. Thanks for the comments, everyone : )

    June Carter? I wish! What a lovely comparison.

    Ahh, I'm so glad I'm not alone with my denim complex. Good luck on your respective denim hunts, ladies!

  8. Those jeans are amazing! Jealous! ;o)


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