she walks these hills in a long black veil

(Outfit: Victorian hand embroidered shawl; 1950s juniors' dress; Stetson boots)

...not really. I don't have a black veil, though if I did I'd have worn it with this outfit. Oh well.
I took these pictures last week on an odd day that was chilly but strangely humid and breezy, so needless to say my rag curl ringlets that were perfect at breakfast were all straight and straggly by lunch time. If you love doing complicated hairstyles, don't come to Vermont... I'm only half kidding! It's absolutely stunning here (as you can see from these pictures... this dairy cow pasture across the street from my dad's house, and the view is what we see from the sitting room window) but gosh, the weather's been nasty lately. Rain, sleet, fierce winds... you name it, we've had it the last few weeks. Here's hoping some fluffy snow comes along soon to brighten the drab hills up a little!

Now that my hopes of a final Indian summer heat wave have faded away almost completely (hey, you never know!), I'm finding myself drawn to darker and heavier clothes. As much as I love a cheery sky blue cotton frock with white tights, my instincts have been steering me towards crepes and wools and blacks and navies. Fun fact: the black 1930s dress I shared in that last post is my first solid black dress ever! For some reason I've never gone in for black; I don't even think I own a solid black shirt or skirt. How strange; this winter, I'm finding simple black dresses with 30s and 40s femme fatale silhouettes extremely inspiring, especially with antique accessories like my shawl.

Have a nice weekend!! I have to write a 5 page term paper about... abandoned farms in Vermont! Around the turn of the century literally thousands of farms were left vacant when the soil turned out to be useless for agriculture and the opening of the West offered better incentives. Unfortunately I'm not doing any first hand research inside an abandoned farm ; )
front pasture
brook, briars


  1. Good luck with writing the paper. I love your dress, this is one of the loveliest outfits I've ever seen! You look so nice, these pictures are beautiful.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. I just love these photos to pieces! I posted one of the pics on my tumblr and it was quite the hit ;o) I link to your blog of course!
    Good luck writing that paper!

  3. Another incredible dress! Your photos are so lovely. Vermont is a beautiful state. Love your post title too- such a great song!

  4. my word, I love your antique shawl!! Good luck on your paper. what kind of belt are you wearing? it looks like a unicorn. or is it a horsie?

  5. gorgeous dress. It must be really so fun to find all the abandoned farms out there!!

  6. Hey guys; thanks for the sweet comments and well wishes on my report : )

    Oh wow, Q, thanks for the Tumblr shout out!!

    Crystal Lee, it is indeed a horse face!

  7. It's just amazing how well those pieces work together. Love the shawl with the blue dress...

  8. I can't say I own any black pieces either! So odd, because I think black has a charm to it.

    Wow, what a paper to write! Let me know if there are any particularly amazing locations in Vermont to check out. I hope to head up there in the spring, finally. There are tons and tons of farmhouses abandoned in Michigan. They were abandoned in the 1930's, during The Depression, usually. I love them.

  9. What a gorgeous outfit! i love the dress!!

    i love your blog, i'm your newest follower :)


  10. Lovely photos. I love your hair, its so beautiful!


  11. Have you read Green Mountain Farm by Elliott Merrick? It's his account of buying a farm in Vermont during the Great Depression. Such an amazing book. I love your photos and your taste in music.

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  13. Fantastic, all of it really. I prefer the Lefty Frizzel version of this song to the Johnny Cash one. There is a group here in Dayton, Ohio which does that Louvin brothers "In the Pines" to a T, it's rather exciting to find someone interested in many of the same things. You have great fashion sense. -An admirer


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