3-12-2008 20-43-56 CARNIVALE + HBO

After learning that Mad Men won't be returning until 2012 (oh, but how can they leave us hanging with Megan???) I have taken up a "new" series: HBO's critical failure-cum-cult classic Carnivale. I am really late to ole party with this one, but in my defense I was 11 when it premiered in 2003, and it was cancelled after just two seasons : ( According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, it was a little too weird for the American public at large. Oh well, more's the pity; I think it's absolutely fantastic. I'm usually not a fantasy fan at all, but the mix of unexplained otherwordliness with the harsh gritty reality of a Depression-era, Dustbowl-stricken America is a haunting and potent combination. Plus I have always daydreamed about running away to join the circus in the 1930s, so this is like my dream come true! The outfits are, of course, incredible; the bearded lady Lila may be my favorite, with her luxurious velvets, jewels, and feathers. Oh gosh, I really need to master fingerwaving too!

If you have been living under a rock like me and have yet to see this show, I can't recommend it enough! It's like a blend of Grapes of Wrath, Water for Elephants, and Twin Peaks... aka perfect! It's very atmospheric and visually stunning; hmm, can you tell I'm a little bit obsessed?

The show has been really influencing my outfits as of late, of course:

(1940s silk bedjacket; old UO blouse; BCBG wool shorts; Dr. Marten boots; 1950s brocade rose in hair)
(Oh dear, I look clinically depressed on the left and certifiably insane on the right; it's been a long week!)

30s black dress FRONT
And this is one of favorite 1930s frocks; it's a black crepe with a sort of sailor collar and lace modesty panel with great deco tortoiseshell buttons (there are a few more pics on my flickr). I used to eye it enviously in my favorite backwoods antique store, but I never thought to ask for a price as I just assumed it'd be really expensive. Nope-- after about a year of lusting after it (stock doesn't move fast at this place!) I finally just casually asked about it... and it was $20.00. Needless to say, it is now mine.


  1. I've been wanting to watch Carnivale for ages as well. MUST check this out!! I just LOVE your crepe dress!! I love the lace peeking out at the hem, too!!

  2. I too need to get the box set for this! (it's on my amazon wish list) I am always late catching up with TV programs. Adore the dress.

  3. oooh I love discovering new series - and I have never heard of this one!

  4. ooooooo I LOVE Carnivale! It's SO good. I just made the mistake of watching it before bed...yeah. My dreams are usually weird, but it was a little much(although my wardrobe was amazing and the world looks a little prettier sepia-toned.)

  5. Oh gosh, you are too cute. That dress is perfect on you!


  6. Thank you ladies!!
    Baroness, Hannah, and Rebecca, this is one of those shows that really lives up to the hype; plus as vintage lovers, it's chock full of gorgeous early 30s fashion.

    Maya, that's so funny-- I had really weird dreams after I watched it too. Maybe we're avatars like Ben! (I kid, I kid)

    Thanks so much, Solanah!!

  7. ohno. I've actually considered that, and it's probably one of my worst fears.
    That, and finding out that Voldemort's rising again (haha. but really. that would suck.)

  8. Sadly I don't get HBO so I definitely haven't seen this show. Will definitely try to watch it online now... I loved "Water for Elephants" and actually did an outfit based on it:http://thriftaholic.blogspot.com/2011/02/run-away-to-circus.html

    Adore both of your outfits, I'm so envious of your secret antique store!

  9. I never heard of the show, but granted I haven't watched television since 1992 as it is. your outfit is lovely!!

  10. No, are you serious about Mad Men? I can't wait that long. Love the dress btw. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too,soon.


  11. Wow, that last dress is really stunning!! I love how you styled it...it all goes together perfectly. Finding a cute long sleeve dress is great for chilly weather too. It's like a jackpot dress!

  12. That black dress in the last picture is stunning! I've just discovered your blog, and I must say I am very impressed and inspired by your clothes and style! :)


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