cowboy's sweetheart

It's tacky, it's kitschy, it's pure Americana, and it's awfully wonderful; it's the classic cowboy suit! From embroidery to sequins, Rockmount to Nudie Cohn, gabardine to wool, all I can think about is how much I want a vintage cowgirl suit of my own. I have quite a stack of 1940s and 50s Western shirts and squaw dresses, but there's something so charming about the full suit, with matching pants or a fringed skirt. Of course, I'm no Wanda Jackson, and I really don't need one, so unless a very cheap one turns up (a girl can dream!) I'm resigned to looking at eye candy, and thinking up ways to mix and match the vintage Western wear separates I do have to approximate their greatness.

Say, if anyone has, oh, $300 lying around that they don't really need, you just feel free to buy me this gorgeous 1930s wool cowgirl outfit:
... ; )

The king of the Nudie suit, Porter Wagoner:

And the prince, Gram Parsons:

And some more classic western wear inspiration:
Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Trice's Western Wear

Gram Parsons and Nudie

Patsy Montana's Boots

Of course, I don't think anyone can work a fringed rodeo queen getup quite like Patsy Cline:

So, what say you to my suit? Garish or gorgeous?

Happy Thursday! This week just flew right by; the weekend's almost here again, yikes!


  1. OH, my goodness!! What a beauty!! Hey, my dad's a retired country musician! He'd LOVE it if I came to visit wearing something like that amazing suit!!

  2. Oh wow that's an awesome set. A while back someone was selling the most gorgeous turquoise and white 40's Western gown on Ebay that went for a similar price. One day I will somehow figure out how to scrounge up enough pennies to own one of those.... LOL!

  3. You would love Katy K, who I work with! She has tons of gorgeous vintage cowboy and cowgirl suits!

  4. I would die for an old heavily embroidered, fringey, cowgirl get-up. $300 is a bit much though. I betcha you'll find a more affordable one. positive thoughts for both of us.

  5. Those are AWESOME. I want one just to hang on my wall and stare at every day. hehe

    Also, VERY WEIRD about the mutual Target. haha I didn't realize you lived that close to the border, being that you go to school in Burlington (right?) Anyways, this summer we should meet up in Brattleboro or something! ^_^

  6. As a country music loving ,cowboy boot wearing and cowboy drooling lady Id love one too.Best I can do is buying vintage outfits for the kids.

  7. Yay, glad to hear I'm not completely the tackiest thing ever, haha! They really do seem like art to me.
    Now if only we could all win the lottery or something ; ) They all seem so overpriced, *sigh*.

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  9. Love your dress!!! Amazing!!!
    And love Gram Parsons!!!
    Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina:


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