sailor's delight

sailor slacks2
(Outfit: 1950s checkered shirt; 1940s sailor trousers; 1930s lace collar; Vigoss oxfords)

Hello again!

This past week I was home from school for spring break; the weather was a marvelous mixture of bright warm sun and misty rains, and the temperatures were in the 50s-- spring is here at last!! Unfortunately our internet connection was on the fritz and about as slow as dial-up, so I took an enforced blogging holiday.

About a month ago I bought a WWII-era sailor uniform on eBay. Amazingly the clothes were small enough to fit me, 30" inseam and all! (Yes, I'm quite short.) These wool sailor pants have become my version of sweat-pants; they're very cozy and practical for lazy days and errand running, but still quite chic and tailored looking. Oh, and I just realized that as my blouse in this outfit is a vintage little boy's shirt, I am wearing genuine men's wear top to toe-- a rare event for me, but an exciting one! I'm really loving 1930s-inspired menswear looks (a la the inimitable Marlene and Kate) this spring.

sailor slacks1

sailor pants 3

Add a 1960s faux-fur coat (of which I have three now... yikes!) and my faithful 50s Life Stride purse, and I'm ready to face winter's last stand...
sailor slacks3

I hope you all had a great week! Enjoy the rest of the weekend : )
I'll be spending Sunday unpacking my spring clothes and folding away much of my winter garb... hooray!!


  1. You look adorable! I love that outfit!

  2. Those pants fit you PERFECTLY - I can't believe you got them without trying them on! Gosh I have such trouble with pants.
    You look wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous outfit, your coat is amazing, looks so cosy! :)

  4. now THAT is an awesome outfit!! I know what you mean about loving the tailored trouser + shirt look! Looks so fabulous on you! and those shoooooooeesss! swoon!

  5. i love the collar on that blouse! i would've never guessed wool sailor pants would be comfy like that, always thought they'd be itchy! win for you!

  6. Most amazing coat ever, and I also love the 30s menswear-inspired style, you wear it perfectly!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  7. I love this style of trouser, I own a pair myself and they are just so comfy :)

  8. You look so gorgeous...this is the most perfect outfit EVER! :D

  9. I have pants just like that and they're my favorite! You look fabulous!

  10. oh my goodness it is so amazing and definitely has that great 40s vibe!!! I love the shoes with the pants too.

  11. love it so much! cannot express how much! those pants!! i wish i had a sweat pants alternative like those...
    funnily enough, you don't look that short in the pictures...

  12. Thanks all!

    I know, pants usually fit me so awkwardly, but these feel custom made for me!

    Carys and Andi B. Goode, glad you like my coat! Sometimes I feel a little pretentious trotting around in such a dramatic thing, but it's sooo warm.

  13. I've been wanting a pair of vintage sailor trousers for ages but whenever I find them they're not in my size. Good find via the Internet!

    I like how you dressed up the outfit with the coat, provides a pretty feminine contrast to the menswear.


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