seven random facts

Quincy of Q's Daydream was nice enough to tag me to share seven random tidbits about myself!
So here I go: more than you've ever wanted to know about me...

1. I love the rain! Not the actual being in the rain, but rainy days. I love the smell of rain on the earth; mmm! And I love the sound of it on a tin roof. Rainy days are usually when I go antiquing, too (rural Vermont doesn't offer much in the way of indoor entertainment, OK? Plus I'm 85 years old at heart.).

2. When I was sixteen I decided, for some reason, that wearing my hair in an enormous beehive to school every day was a really good idea. Also, as it was high school and all, I was convinced I had to wash my hair every single night, which meant detangling the rat's nest on my scalp every. single. evening. It's really quite a miracle I still have any hair left!
Mmm hmm. Eat your heart out Ronnie Ronnette.

3. Do you get the RFD-TV station? It's quite possible you have it and don't even know, because I don't think it has much of a fanbase outside old folks' homes and wheat farmers in the midwest. And my house, of course! They play reruns of all those corny 70s country music shows like the Porter Wagoner Show, Hee Haw, and the Wilburn Brothers Shows, of which I am completely and unashamedly enamored. I credit these shows with kicking off my vintage addiction; once I saw those girls in foot-high bouffants and gingham dolly dresses belting out the blues in time to a crying steel guitar, there was no going back.

4. I have a horse named Chinook. He lives up the road from me in my neighbor's old dairy barn. He's a nice little guy.

(^ the turquoise thing is my sweatshirt tied around his neck. Should he get a style blog?)

5. I wear rose oil as perfume just about every day, and I use just about all of Crabtree & Evelyn's Rosewater scented products (shampoo/conditioner/soaps/lotions/hand creme/talcum powder). Now you know what I smell like.

6. I want to live right here. This is the Ashworth House; I am sure you'll become better acquainted with it once the snow melts, as I spend far too much time trespassing there. I also spend too much time daydreaming about what my life would be like if I lived there: very Grey Gardens on the set of Days of Heaven, probably, and so romantic.

Golden hours

7. I play the steel guitar. I just started last June, when my dad bought me a beautiful 1940s lap steel on eBay as my high school graduation present. It's a lot of fun; it can sound honky-tonk merry, or sad and eerie. In a year or so, once I'm reasonably competent on this, I want to get an autoharp!

OK, so now you know a little more about me. Lucky you ;)
I always feel shy about tagging other people, so I would like to encourage anyone who feels like it to write their own seven (or five, or twenty) random facts. Or you can leave a random fact about yourself in the comment section here!

Have a lovely weekend, my friends; I have another Songstress Style post in the works for you on Monday.
See you then!


  1. I love the rain, too. There is hardly anything that smells and sounds so glorious :)

    rose oil smells pretty, i can see the scent would suit you!
    You have a beautiful blog,


  2. Your blog is inspirational. i love the sound of rain on the roof in the middle of the night. its one of the best parts of winter.
    that house reminds me of 'green gables' which i love
    lovely blog
    meg xx

  3. Hello, I adore your style its so inspiring!

    Some Little Facts about me

    1. I have toy poodle called eric who is very mischievous and hates going for walks?!
    2. I have terribly wonky teeth I did have a brace when I was 17 but they went crooked again.
    3. I am a film graduate and hope to own my own little cinema one day
    4. I love baking but do not get around to it enough
    5. I would love to go horse riding but have only ever been on horses about 3 times in my life

  4. Steel guitar is a great instrument. I would love to learn how to play one but I don't think i am very musical person. And I find the turquoise goes really well with Chinooks roan coloring.

  5. Awww you are totally adorable. I love that photo of you at 16 - amazing!

    Ok - so you get one random fact from me... I have been training in Krav Maga for about 5 years. So apart from getting regularly battered and bruised, I can take on boys twice my size :)

  6. I love: this post, your style, your blog.
    I can't wait to see more about the Ashworth House.

  7. Yay! I'm so excited to read your facts :D That house looks amazing...there are just no places like that around here. There is this one little shack outside the city that I so want to sneak into, but it is inside a fence so...I'm not up for getting in trouble just yet! Also your horse looks absolutely lovely. I would definitely read the Chinook Style Blog hehe!

  8. Love your 7 things! The pic of you with the beehive is amazing, maybe you should test it out again! :)

  9. Yay! I've come over to say hello after the lovely Nelly mentioned you. I love your style and adore that beehive. I've got a cheapo Amy Winehouse wig off eBay, a whole lot less painful. xxx

  10. I love the rain too!!! People think that's crazy. I used to wear strawberry and victorian rose oil every day (chose one for each day) for three years!! yey! I love your horse. so cute. I never heard of that T.V. station but then again I also don't have any channels at all. That's great that they play all that great stuff. Crazy that you did your hair in a beehive like that EVERY day. It really is amazing you have all that hair. I love that house! My grandmother played the steel guitar. in fact that's the only positive memory I have of her.

    that was so entertaining to read.


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