continued adventures in the cornflower frock

red house 5

OK! I have no time to blog these days: two 5 page papers to write, final exams, the works. But just so the ol' blog doesn't get too dusty, here are the rest of my shots from the red abandoned cottage. Thankfully the stress will be lifted Friday, and I'll have a chance to catch up on all my favorite blogs! 'Til then, enjoy the week; I hope your weather is as pleasant as ours-- 70s all week!!

Oh yes, and whoever used to live at The Red Cottage (as it is now known) was an artist! The big red "disons" sign picture was taken in their studio. There were a lot of pieces of scrap wood covered in twisted nails and painted red. Perhaps a slightly disturbed artist? Then there was the nursery, with that broken wicker doll's carriage and even a very creepy child-sized plaster leg cast. But the dreamy wallpaper and sunny windows offset the eerie factor, fortunately.

red house 11

red house 1

red house n sweater

red house 7

(Having a bit of a Marchesa Casati moment... and yeah, this wallpaper is metallic!)
red house 8

red house 10

Later 'gators;
I must go study!

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  1. Look at all that lovley furniture maybe you should see if you can buy it coz they may just throw it out eventually but that pram looked kinda scary lol I love everything else I saw and you looked adorable as usual

  2. I've never seen such a great collection of wallpaper in an abondaned house before! A miracle that no one painted it over the years. And thanks for not showing us the creepy plaster leg. lol

  3. The dress and the cabin definitely deserved 2 posts! Wonder why the attic windows are so short? I'd be tempted to take things from the home, like that wonderful sign!

  4. Are you going to take some keepsakes from your adventures in this abandoned house? the disons' sign is pretty cool and that old wood stand with the lamp on top of it.

  5. Gosh these are some great photos, I think the third is my favorite! It's lovely! Good luck on your papers! (I should be writing mine too... EEEK!)

  6. Thank you kindly ladies!

    Nelly, whoever owns the place now is pretty much M.I.A, unfortunately; I think it might be a developer just sitting on it?

    Leilani and Crystal Lee, I did, uh, "borrow" some little picture frames and a lamp. The house is about to collapse on its own, sadly, and from what I've gathered from locals it's been empty for twenty years or more, so I don't think anyone's coming back for that stuff anytime soon. But of course, if you own the house and are reading this, I will gladly return them, but 'til then, they are being safely taken care of and loved by this young lady.

  7. if you don't have time to blog so much and have to do school work, I know I completely understand how that must be hard to do (well I never went to college but I know it is important to focus on your school work). hehe. I think you look so lovely whenever you post. oh goodness I love all your outfits.

  8. What a neat (spooky) site for a photo shoot. Also, I love your dress.

  9. You are such a doll! So glad I discovered your blog! It breaks my heart that this wonderful house has fallen into such disrepair....its beautiful! xx

  10. Dakota, you are such a darling, you never cease to amaze me, follow your heart and dreams, so proud of you.


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