going to class, circa 1955

(Outfit: 1950s day dress; thrifted F21 cardigan; Howard's Leather Store belt; vintage men's brogues; thrifted pearls and basket purse)

I love short bobs; no question, ear-to-shoulder length hair is one of my favorite lengths aesthetically. But I love having long hair, too, for all the elaborate up-dos I can do, and just 'cause it's fun. Well, looks like I can have my cake and eat it too, thanks to the trusty ol' faux bob.

Also, I buttoned the neck of my dress up all the way to the neck today! It felt sort of dorky at first, but fortunately I'm not one to worry too much about looking odd ; ) Between the faux bob and the high-necked 50s dress, I was channeling a Louis Darling illustration today!
Illustration by Louis Darling from Ramona the Pest
He was known for illustrating the books of one Beverly Clearly, including such heroines of my childhood as Ramona Quimby and Ellen Tebbits.

(click any image to enlarge, if you dare!)

Here's a [rather blurry] look at the side of my hair; to get this style, I simply wrapped my ponytail around a scarf. You can't tell at all, but this scarf is a chiffon 1950s number featuring rainbow stripes and rainbow zebras!

Have a lovely weekend, kiddos; I'll see you soon.
And have a happy Easter, if it applies to you!
Chocolate + baby animal motifs = my kind of holiday ; )


  1. Awesome outfit, your hair looks fab too :)

  2. The faux bob is a fantastic idea! I'm going to try it out tomorrow. Sometimes I miss my flapper bob, but I'm not game enough to chop my long hair off (again) after all that patient re-growing! Here's to having our cake and eating it too :) And I love the buttoned-up dress with the pearls - absolutely adorable!

  3. Adorable, I am the same as you I love the look of bobs but prefer long hair, alas mine is a grown out bob and no way near as thick and luscious like yours! Fabulous outfit love the brogues. Have a great easter x

  4. Fantastic-Hair, outfit….‘tis all super!’
    Btw that colour green really suits you!
    oh, and I love your little animal friends :)
    T x

  5. your hair looks adorable pinned up, but I mostly love your long big country hair. I've been loving your outfits lately! love the color & pattern on this dress. Happy Easter, doll.

  6. You look fabulous! I love that scarf and belt combination with the green! So pretty! Happy Easter to you too!

  7. You look great with a bob but your long locks are so gorgeous!

  8. You should do a hair tutorial! I'd appreciate it. Just sayin'.

  9. Thanks ladies!!

    I'm glad you all like the faux bob, and fear not, I'll not be getting a real one anytime soon; I love my long hair too!

    Tickety Boo Tupney-- Funny, this is the only green dress I own; it just struck me that it is a nice color and I should increase that number!

    Maya-- this gal has already made a wonderful tutorial for the scarf roll; it's where I learned to do it:

  10. Gosh you're adorable. I love all the different things you do with your hair!

  11. That's amazing hair-do! Love the dress too :)

  12. Love the faux bob, I used to do something similar when I was younger (I used to pin/clip it under).

    The '50s day dress is wonderful, I like how you rock a variety of eras in your outfits. :)

  13. SO gorgeous, very inspiring! And I love Romona Quimby books :D


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