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Show and tell time, featuring some of my incredibly cheap finds from Twice Upon A Time! I've managed to accumulate quite a batch over the past two weekends I spent at home; I'm always excited to find really good pieces, but I must say, at the rate I've been snapping 'em up, it's not much of a bargain anymore, haha. I got the BEST stuff though, take a gander:

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1950s prom dress for $10.00

I skipped high school prom (it was "too mainstream" for silly little adolescent me) but I soon came to regret that decision, as prom tends to be one of just a few occasions that allow you to buy an over-the-top fairytale dress. 'Til now!! I couldn't have dreamed up a more dramatic, fun gown. Yeah, it has a rather prominent stain on the skirt, but its charms make up for that. Now I just need someplace to wear it...

An early 20th century devil costume for $5.00

It's a vintage kid's Halloween costume! The little devil picture on the back is pretty darn cute; too bad it's way too small for, or else I'd have my costume for next year (and I'm only half joking!). I know nothing about dating costumes, but I'm guessing 20s-40s on this? I bet it had a great mask originally too; it's such a weird, cool piece!

Dreamy white 1940s slip for $10.00

This taffeta slip is a little tragic in that I’m sure it once lined an even more fabulous gown (quite possibly a wedding dress). But I’ll take what part of it I can, and I think it will be a pretty summer dress.

Black 1920s slip for $8.00

This winter, I bought a beautiful 1920s sheer black flapper dress at this very antique store. I'm wondering if this slip I just found there originally went with the dress? It's the perfect length, same era, right shape underneath, plus the straps are whitish nude, so they wouldn't stand out beneath the sheer lace overlay on my dress' shoulders. Original or not, they're still a perfect match; I'm so happy!!!

1950s day dress for $10.00

Because I can never resist a pretty 50s cotton day dress! This one has a lovely scoop neckline, too.

Total cost: $43.00

So, dear readers, have you had any grand vintage hunting victories lately??


  1. Oh wow those are so much awesome finds!!!! The latest coolest vintage find was an early to mid 50's skirt. It was hand-made and is blue and covered in little blue stars.It's one of my favorite skirts. Best of all it was only a dollar... I was so blown away when I found it.

  2. oops I meant white stars.

    p.s I recently found your blog and your style is so phenomenal!!!!!

  3. Nothing this cool! That Halloween Costume is amazing!!!

  4. Wow these are amazing finds, so jealous you have such wonderful shops near you. I would definitely wear the devil costume! I 'found' a gorgeous 1940s salmon pink evening dress it's too big but I cannot wait to wear it! I love thinking about the people who wore the vintage items I have x

  5. man great finds! I fossicked in an opportunity shop at home yesterday and found a 60's dress and and really pretty cardigan which could be from any era but I'll pretend it's from the 50's. I got another knitted top and it all cost $5 new zealand dollars. Thats like zero us dollars or something hahaha. I'm totally jealous of that 1920s slip. Slips rule.

  6. I haven't been to that store for so long! What great finds. That prom dress is incredible!!

  7. Wow what wonderful treasures and all so cheap!! I'm dying over the 50s prom dress - don't even think about where to wear it. Just wear it!! The white slips is perfection as a summer dress and I love the black slip - it certainly sounds like it was made for your 20s dress. *sigh* xo

  8. You sure get some great things I am loving the prom dress its something I have been wanting for my collection

  9. Oh my goodness, how lucky are you? Fabulous finds, I can't wait to see them style up!


  10. Thanks all!!

    Laura- a $1 50s skirt with a cute sounding print? Fabulous!!

    Hannah- I have so many dresses that are way to big for me that I take in or just belt. That dress sounds too pretty to have passed up just for size!

    Michal- Just don't take all the good stuff when you go!! Just kidding, I'm broke, so buy it all and take the temptation away!

    Pull Your Socks Up- I have this scheme hatching to wear it to the grocery store just for the sheer surrealist fun of it.

  11. I think I am now completely green with envy - such great finds!

    I am just in the process of cleaning out my wardrobe so things fit a bit better - how on earth do you store all your lovely things? Especially in a dorm!

  12. Yes belts do solve most of my dress issues I am too impatient to sew most the time!

  13. i love all things here. the quirky and the elegant. all there is to fin in thrift stores near me is usually clothes from 2002-2008, not really the kind of stuff i'm looking for. that costume is such a rare find!! and that 50s day dress will look adorable!

  14. Ooh lots of loveliness, great finds! :)

  15. Thanks ladies!

    Rebeccak... yeah, there's NO room in my dorm (plus college life isn't so friendly to really delicate stuff) so most of my clothes live in my bedroom at home. I do like to hang up my prettiest/most delicate things on the walls as art, which helps make space!


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