Songstress Style: Loretta Lynn

Today marks the birthday of one of my first style icons: the wonderfully talented Loretta Lynn. Vintage pictures and video clips of Loretta in the 1960s were a large part of what inspired me to start seeking out vintage dresses for myself in high school. Her early Nashville cowgirl style and dreamy curled bouffants still inspire me to this day. I mean, just look at her hair; that is perfection, my friends.

Seeing as the coal miner's daughter is celebrating her birthday today, let's take a look at her cute country style.

(☞ click on images to enlarge, if you like ☜)

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  1. I love Loretta too :) I saw her in concert a few years ago and she sang with her twin daughters, who opened for her. It was such a good show and people of all ages love her. I love her style and her spunk!

  2. hail to the queen, Ms. Lynn. Love her!

  3. Love it. I have to say your hair often resembles hers! She's a doll ain't she.

  4. She is wonderful! Those eyes and that voice make her simply unforgettable!



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